My name is Kamen but most call me KaKa. Inspired by the thousands of great bloggers out there and fueled by my love for all things pretty I set up KAKA Beauty Blog in 2011 so that I could document all my latest beauty/fashion obsessions.

My blogging journey has been incredible and I love every minute of it! I get super excited when I get new comments and am a geek when it comes to watching stats, I could sit there hitting the refresh button all day if I didn’t have to work lol!

Apart from blogging about my latest Fashion must-haves and Beauty Buys, I like to ramble occasionally about the randomness in my life! You can expect to reads posts on Make up, hair, nails, inspirations, food or my two beloved puppies amongst many other things.

Although I am a Makeup Fanatic, I am by no means a makeup artist, so although I shall not be able to tell you how you should or shouldn’t do something, I would happily show you how I would go about it. Most of the time its trial and error but that’s all part of the fun!

The same goes for my fashion posts, I’m a simplistic girl, and I love looking at all the weird and wonderful ensembles strutting its way towards us on the Catwalk, BUT I am fully aware that I am no model and therefore will not “rock” in a 6ft sack if it should ever come into fashion. So I dress to suit my tiny 5ft 1″ frame. Sometimes its hard to find clothes that fit but hey that’s all part of the fun once again!

So I hope that you will find my blog an interesting read and if so please make my day by clicking the little like button down below or leave me a comment, it’ll make me smile! :)

Thanks for reading!

13 thoughts on “ABOUT KAKA

  1. Just found your blog today! Absolutely love your videos and everything else. Keep up the great work. Btw I am 5″0 so we are both petite…welcome to the club :) Please post some fashion tips and outfit looks for petite people like us :) Thank you!

    • Hi Crystal, thank you for the lovely comments :) That’s a great idea for a blog post, definitely will look at fitting one in!

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