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	 Stay All Day 3D Wet-to-Set Eye Shadow Trio




I’m not gonna lie, I spend a fair share of money on makeup and beauty products every month. From replenishing skincare to eyeing up new lipsticks it means my beauty wish list is forever growing.

Even though I’m not a label whore when it comes to beauty I still like to covet the odd luxury item once in a while and if I can get these items with a good deal then even better!

So when I was contacted to write this post, I was given £50 to spend at my will on – I’m sure you’ve all heard of this major beauty etailer. They have a great selection of products from both high end and high street and very often they will have a fantastic offer to keep us beauty addicts coming back for more.

The big question for me when doing this challenge is “can I really do a whole make up look for just £50?”  Considering my foundation alone costs me £36. However Summer heat will often mean wearing less makeup which of course makes this the perfect opportunity to revamp your kit for less.

So I decided to piece together a simple Summer makeup kit.  In my mind I was shopping for a minimal look that is effortless, easy to do and heat proof.  I really just wanted something that will liven up my complexion, give a healthy glow and be really natural. I also wanted to do all this with as little product as possible as who wants to carry around hundreds of products in this humid heat!

Anyhow here are the items that I chose and why:

Benefit Fake Up Concealer in, £18.50:  Let’s face it, who can be bothered with foundation when it just melts off the second you leave the door anyway. I chose to go bare minimum with my face and use only concealer to hide my blemishes and under eye dark circles to bring my complexion to a more lively tone. This one in particular is great for hydration whilst leaving the skin looking dewy but not in a greasy way. Perfect for the glowing summer skin that I’m going for.

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Craving Coral, £10.29: I am currently having a love affair with coral at the moment which is why I picked this pretty shade. It’s the perfect combination of girly pink and peach to compliment medium to fair skin tones. It’s the ideal Summer shade for bringing out warmer complexions. I love this product for the everyday colour and the soft balm texture. It glides on super easy and leaves your lips feeling moisturised and soothed with a minty tingle. Your lips are left with a natural sheen and subtle wash of colour which is perfect for the day time.  Theres something about wearing lip gloss in the heat that makes me want to vomit. The heat, the stickiness the gunk (sorry) but ewwww no, just no.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rocking Curves Mascara, £6.99:  Okay this one I bought because I was intrigued by the wand design. Rimmel claims that this weird design will grab even the most difficult lashes and work wonders on pumping the volume whilst giving u curvaceous lashes all at the same time. Sounds to good to be true? That’s because it is.  I’m not a big fan of this mascara as it didn’t really do much apart from define and give my lashes a grey tint (Yes, grey! My lashes are naturally black so this just lightened my lashes), I just didn’t find this mascara all that great. Oh and it’s not waterproof either so not really ideal for a Summer kit… oops my bad.

Stay All Day Wet-to-Set Eye Shadow in Daybreak, £17:  This is my favourite product out of the lot. It’s so versatile that you can literally go from day to night, fix your eyebrows, line your eyes and highlight all with just one palette! The great thing about this trio set is that you can get very different effects just by wetting your brush. When applied dry you get a lovely natural look but add some water to the mix and you get a stunning metallic effect. I also used this palette to fill in my brows and line my eyes. I opted for a subtle smokey eye since I’ve played down my skin and lips I felt I can afford to play up the eyes a little.  The trio comes in various shades and I got the one called Daybreak which contains a subtle nude – good for highlighting and base, a shimmery gold that looks wicked when used wet and a dark cocoa brown that can be used as an eyeliner or to create that smokey effect. Summer is the ideal time for multi purpose products, think of all that space you’ll save on your hols! You may even have enough room to pack that extra pair of shoes or bikini ladies!

New CID i-glow mini compact shimmer in Sirocco and Coral Crush, FREE gift with purchase worth £28: So this I didn’t have to account for in my £50 budget because this was actually an awesome free gift for when customers spend £50 or more. That’s one of the many benefits of shopping with look fantastic as I mentioned above they always have a nice little incentive to make you want to spend.  These two blushers/bronzers were perfect for finishing off my simple Summer kit. I’m not usually a big fan of overly shimmery products as it tends to leave my skin looking dry. However, maybe its because I’ve skipped the foundation but these shimmer powders actually sat on my skin quite well leaving a nice sheen and glow without looking caked on. It was subtle enough to dust over gently but it does contains shimmer so work lightly unless you want to look like a disco ball.  Again Summer is the only time that I would consider whipping these out as these maybe a tad overbearing for pale, wintery skin.

There you have it! A whole face of makeup/ new Summer Kit for £50… Okay so I went a little over budget, but £52 is pretty good going for a whole look don’t you think!

If you haven’t shopped with Lookfantastic before then now is as good a time as any, there is currently a 20% Off offer plus Free shipping worldwide. Also you can make sure you don’t miss out on any similar offers like these by visiting the Savoo site which will update you on all the fab deals going on in web land! You can find all the Lookfantastic deals here. 

So how much is your face currently worth ladies?  I dare you all to the challenge, let me see your links if you do decide to share! :)

Have a lovely weekend guys!



  1. Yeah Kaka make-up in summer is a real pain with this terrible heat… I skip foundation and I use a face tone perfector :)
    I was wondering how was the benefit fake up concealer, thank you fr letting me know about it!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend

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  3. I’ve been having my eye on that Benefit concealer. Just waiting for my current one to completely run out! How do you like it? Does it cake up on your blemishes in any way?

    Great post! :) & love the makeup look~

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