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Thought of the day: New day. New start.


Just a quick photo post from me this morning guys!

Woke up in a beautiful mood Today with the sun shining and what not. Am having a lovely week/month settling into my new home in London, discovering new things and a whole new outlook on my future and life.

I am genuinely quite a morbid person, I’m never really happy and even if I am, I tend to always look for reasons not to be. So frustrating really. Anyhow as the saying goes, a new day, a new start.

So far it’s going pretty good and I just wanted to remember this before all this positive energy gets drained from me haha.

I’m especially thankful for the things and people I have in my life right now. They are the reason I wake up and smile in the mornings. Thank you to my sweet sisters and family who take the time to check in on me at this difficult and exciting time in my life. You guys are the best.

Sorry for the cheese guys but do let me know what your thoughts of the day are, or what are you thankful for Today?

If you are struggling to smile Today though, then just remember Tomorrow will be a new day to try again :)

Keep smiling guys!

Kaka x

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