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Okay, before we all jump to conclusions… No, unfortunately I am not going on a super exciting date. In fact I am still taking my merry time focusing on figuring out my messy ass life.

However, I was contacted my a few weeks ago, (how did they know? Am I releasing some sort of scent? O.0) lol jokes aside… They actually got in touch to ask me to prepare a post on Dating Beauty Tips and I thought it might be fun to do so hence my FOTD post Today!

So lets get right to it!

Top 5 Dating Beauty Tips

1: Wear your favourite feel good fragrance! The thing I love most about my fragrances is that how each one reminds me of a specific time or particular event in my life.

Something to keep in mind with perfume is that it is truly unique to the person wearing it too. The science is that the molecules in perfume reacts differently on different people, it’s all to do with the chemicals in your skin! Therefore the scent you wear is truly unique to YOU! So what better way to leave a lasting impression than your own signature scent! You’ll be surprised by how much something as small as scent can evoke! So create your memories now ladies. If things work out after the first date, you will want to pick up that fragrance of yours and smile as you remember all the details of that perfect evening.

2: If you have long hair like me, you may be guilty of this too, but I tend to fidget with my hair an awful lot! Particularly when I’m nervous. I’m sure we all want to come across as confident beings when we come face to face with our potential Mr Right, so I’ve decided that CURLS are the best way to go because A) they take time and effort to create so any fidgeting would just ruin it! B) The curlier the hair the more volume you will have, therefore more hair to hide behind when you’re feeling a bit shy… if you’re anything like me that is. If not then the added volume will just give your hair a big, flirty boost! HA!

3: During the first date no doubt you’ll be racked with nerves anyway, therefore I think it’s important to be as comfortable as you can with makeup! The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your smudging eyes or runaway lipstick! For me I think you can’t go wrong with a subtle wash of gold eyeshadow. I have chosen to use my Charlotte Tilbury quad in “The Dolce Vita” because it is perfect for creating a sultry look and you won’t run the risk of panda eyes half way through the evening.

4: Play up ONE asset. I get that you want to impress but when it comes to makeup, less is definitely more. If you are going for a bold lip then dial down the eyes and vice versa. Personally I would prefer a natural lip and have more focus on the eyes as then I wouldn’t have to worry about touching up after food. However if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and brave why not go for a classic, red lip! Always a sure win for boosting confidence!  For this post I used Inglot Lip Pencil in 27 with Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in Sailor to create a glossy, pale pink lip, I love the combination of bronzy gold tones and pink so this works perfect with the eyeshadow. For the more dramatic lip I am wearing Sleek Matte Me Lipgloss in Rioja Red. The matte finish will help the colour stay put for longer, so you can eat to your hearts content without having to run to the ladies room straight after to re-apply!

5:  When I imagine someone that is in love I always picture the girl with a radiant glow (maybe it’s because she’s so happy she’s positively beaming). Try to recreate this smitten look by keeping your foundation to a minimum. Swap your heavy duty foundation with a more lightweight one. I’m loving the YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation as it gives a sheer finish and the skincare properties leaves my skin looking plump and dewy.  Don’t forget to add a wash of colour to your cheeks to enhance your beaming complexion. Plus it will help disguise any embarrassing blushing moments should you accidentally do or say something stupid during the evening! I am using MUA’s Cream blush in “Bittersweet” (how aptly named for this post too).

So that’s my top 5 Dating Beauty Tips ladies! Do you have any specific tips that you’d like to share? Give us a shout in the comments below also if any of you are off on a hot date this weekend then I want to know all the goss too!

Have a fab week guys and if you fancy giving the love wheel a spin why not check out to find your fish in the sea!

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  1. Looking bloody dashing. I am totally going to steal that red gloss, and maybe occasionally borrow that Charlotte Tilbury bronzer you introduced me too… ( I would steal but you would notice straight away)

    ALSO still using YSL foundation huh? When you gona but this Armani one so I can test?

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