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Summer Waves: Enrapture Heated Rollers Review

Enrapture Extremity Heated Hair rollers 2

Enrapture Extremity Heated Hair Rollers

Enrapture Heated Rollers review

Enrapture Extremity Heated Hair rollers

Enrapture Heated Rollers review

How to get big, glamorous curls

How to get big, glamorous curls

Enrapture Extremity Heated Hair rollers

Enrapture Extremity Heated Hair rollers Review and Results


WHAT IS IT? :  Heated rollers ideal for creating volume and defined waves in mid to long length hair.



  • Rollers emit heat from the core and butterfly clip simultaneously
  • Unique butterfly clips emit heat using two metal plates
  • Duo heat sources firmly lock in the curl
  • High constant heat that easily styles long, thick hair


  • Slow heat release when in your hand
  • High heat when in your hair
  • Cools in ten minutes to set the curl and provides lasting results


  • Extremity Heated Roller case
  • Ten medium rollers
  • Ten large rollers
  • Twenty butterfly clips


Before we can use the rollers, we have to heat them up by sliding the switch to the on position, you will then see a flashing red light on the LCD panel, once you see 5 solid bars, you can then turn off the device and begin styling your hair. The good thing about the Enrapture Rollers is that it literally takes just 2 minutes to heat up.

So it’s pretty straight forward to use, simply take your hair and roll in your rollers. There are two sizes to choose from one large and one small. Use the larger ones to create volume and waves or use the smaller ones for more defined curls. The rollers come with butterfly clips too which you use to hold the rollers in place. Nice and easy!

For the look I’ve created I used the large rollers for the crown and the sides where my hair frames my face and the rest of my hair I used the smaller ones for tighter and more defined curls.

Once you have all your rollers in, let your hair cool and set before taking them out. It says on the site that this should only take 10 minutes, however since I have such long, thick hair I left them in for double the time to make sure the curl holds.

When you take out the rollers, you will get super defined curls like my photo above. If you like this look then by all means just run ur fingers through gently and spray with hairspray to set. However I much prefer a more natural, wave effect and so I loosened up the curls by ruffling through with my fingers, pulling downwards to elongate the curls.


Soft, wavy curls that look really natural, bouncy and have plenty of movement. My hair was able to hold the curl for 5-6 hours, by the end of the day it did lose some of the curl however it just meant I had more of a loose, wavy effect which I still loved.


These rollers are by far the fastest, simplest and EASIEST way I’ve ever known to create curls! I love that I can just pop them in and carry on with my makeup while it sets, what a massive time saver!

They are just so easy to use and that’s coming from the worlds clumsiest person. I’ve always refrained from using rollers in the past as I was clueless as to where to put what. However a bit of practice and now I’m a massive convert and totally hooked!

PRICE: £60

WHERE TO BUY: Available at Boots

What do you think guys? Are you a fan of heated rollers or do you prefer to just whip out the trusty GHDs/tongs to create your waves?

Please share your thoughts in the comment box below or let me know if you’d like to see more on how to use the Enrapture Heated Rollers!

Thanks for reading guys!



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