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Bigger, browner eyes: NEO Ruby Queen Circle Lenses Review






Hello my lovelies!

Today I am feeling super girly because I am wearing my BIG EYE Circle Lenses by Korean Brand NEO. I haven’t worn circle lenses for a long while now so I was glad that gave me the opportunity to review these for them as I’ve totally forgotten just how much fun they can be.

There are so many colours and variations to choose from, you can literally change your look to match your outfit, makeup or style almost everyday. I chose to try the NEO Ruby Queen Brown Lenses.

Okay for those who are not familiar with Circle lenses here is a brief intro about them. Basically Circle lenses are coloured contacts designed to enhance your eyes by creating the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes. The lenses make the iris appear wider hence the enlarging effect. You are able to purchase these lenses in a variation of colours, design, enlargement size (I’m wearing diameter 14.2mm). Whatever you choose, just make sure you buy from a reputable retailer and brand like NEO, GEO, EOS or Bausch & Lomb and that they are FDA approved to ensure safety.

So back to the NEO Ruby Queen Brown Lenses that I am wearing, I basically love them but here is my review breakdown.

Brand: NEO

Model: Ruby Queen Brown

Origin: South Korea

Diameter: 14.2 mm

Enlargement effect:  10/10 – Very good. These lenses make my eyes appear so much larger. Although I think these would suit someone with slightly bigger eyes than myself as I did find that they were a bit too big and covered too much of the white parts of the eye, which I always feel makes me look cock eyed haha! But bear in mind that this is only because I have quite small eyes to begin with. If you have rounder/ wider eyes then these would look awesome on you.

Comfortability: 8/10 – Good for a few hours.  These lenses felt comfy when I had them in, but like my normal lenses, not totally unnoticeable. I was able to get about 4-5 hours wear before I had to take them out. I can never wear these type of lenses for very long so I tend to just save them for days where I know I’m not going to be out for too long, or I will bring my lens kit to take them out after a few hours.

They sat nicely in the eye and did not move around like some lenses I’ve used before, which is a bonus as it looks so gross when you eyes move but your lenses stay where they are. For a second it looks like you have two sets of eyes in one socket.  Not a good look, except maybe for Halloween.

Natural factor:  These lenses give a very doe eyed, dolly look. They make them appear very glossy whilst still letting your natural eye colour come through. In terms of being natural I would say it’s kind of in between because you can definitely see a big difference in size and effect when you have them in.  But to the unknown they may not be quite able pin point what is different with you,  if you know what I mean. The Ruby Series have a very specific detail design in that they are meant to make your eyes look like gems, I found that the design was a little lost against my dark brown eyes, I think the lighter shades like grey or blue may show up better, however I quite like the more natural effect I get with these.

Overall verdict: I love these lenses! They definitely add a little sparkle to my eyes and I love the cute, doe eyed effect it gives. This has reopened the door to circle lenses for me and I may even pop to the site to try out some grey lenses soon!

Where to buy: These guy offer Free world wide shipping too.

So are you a fan of circle lenses? Freaky weird or freaking awesome? What are your thought’s? Let me know!

Thanks for reading guys!


9 thoughts on “Bigger, browner eyes: NEO Ruby Queen Circle Lenses Review

  1. I don’t like it…your eyes are beautiful just how you are. The artificial eye color and bigger size you look very unnatural and you can notice it easily if someone sees you….

  2. I just ordered those, too and I am so excited to get them! *-* Haven’t found much of those on the internet, so I am quite happy to have read your review! :) <3

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