Love Sasha 99p Christmas Jumper Campaign



Christmas is just around the corner and I love nothing more than a cosy knit to lift my festive spirit. I’m loving this wicked version by Love Sasha. It’s printed with the popular quote from gangster movie Angels with Dirty Faces, but probably, if you’re anything like me is actually most remembered from the epic scene of Home Alone (everyone’s favourite Christmas movie).

Also starting from Today, Love Sasha is launching the 99p Christmas Jumper Campaign. Which means you can buy an awesome knit for just 99p, what’s more is that this 99p will also be donated to support The British Red Cross Phillipines Typoon Haiyan appeal. So the perfect opportunity for everyone do a little good whilst looking good at the same time :)

Hurry though, because the campaign is only until the last Jumper is sold! Get yours quick, check out Love Sasha’s Full range of Christmas Jumpers Here.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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