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I remember my first perfume. It was one that I’d saved up to buy because I fell in love with the scent. My cousin Jo who I adored and looked up to (still do) was wearing this exact same perfume. Anyhow at 16 I made my first fragrance purchase and Gucci Envy was to be a favourite of mine until my early 20’s. Somehow along the road, it got forgotten about and I have since gone on to discover other scents that are now my very own signature go to’s.

Years later, after rummaging through boxes of old stuff that had been stored away, My Gucci Envy reappeared as if from nowhere and it is exactly the same as I remembered it.

I can’t even describe the overwhelming sense of nostalgia that flooded me as I remembered the young teen that I was and who I had become. All these memories from my Sweet Sixteen to the events in between that led me to where I am Today just made me feel so grateful for this rediscovery. Gucci Envy isn’t available anymore, so I’m not too comfortable in using this perfume. Sometimes I just like to smell the fragrance through the lid and reminisce the good old days.

As a young girl up to my teens, I was shy and socially awkward or just plain awkward . It took me a decade to warm to anyone and even then I was still suspicious or paranoid.

One thing I do miss is that little part of me that was a little naive and perhaps a little overly positive on the outlook on life. I always dreamt of a better self, a better living and I felt that if I just follow the life rule book, then I’d get there somehow.  Education only paints the picture up until University. No one ever tells you that real life actually begins afterwards. I was no where prepared for reality after I finished University, I had no where to go or be. I was just, me.

Suddenly I found myself aimless, I had no goals to accomplish, no structured path to follow anymore and no real clue about what I wanted to do with myself. However I knew one thing, and that was no matter what I did, I would have to do it close to home because I had made commitments to many people and that meant anchoring down and making do with what’s available and within my reach. I studied in my home town, I got a job in my home town and if I was to move out of home it was only to another house or flat in my home town.

However I was more than happy in doing so, because it was what I wanted at the time.  I suppose that’s one of the many differences I recognise between the now version of me and my former self. Somehow my vision became more and more narrow over the years, where I used to gaze far ahead and dream about the future, I now focus more on the present and what I want right now. I can’t say whether that’s a good or bad thing, I tell myself it’s the present that’s most important and on so many levels that is so true, but I still crave to again, be that young girl that wanted more for herself.

So what’s all this got to do with perfume? Absolutely nothing. However it was through the rediscovery of this scent that’s brought back so many memories and reminded me of the person that I used to be.  After going through a series of life changing events this year, I find myself again at that exact same turning point in life. There are decisions to be made and things in my life to figure out. Only this time I have nothing else but my own thoughts and wishes to consider and I’m ready to make a fresh, new start.

Despite still being in a rather dark place mentally, I think a feel good perfume is definitely needed to lift my spirits.  I have plenty of favourite perfumes, but I just felt that each one had too many memory evoking sentiments already attached and I wanted something brand new that I can imprint new memories onto.

AND so I discovered Marc Jacobs Dot…

I was immediately drawn to it’s happy and charming design and the scent itself is sweet (but not overly) yet still has a light and airy feel to it.  Everything about it just makes me smile and that is something that I will warmly welcome these days.

I’m not great with words especially when it comes to describing something as intangible as smell. So thankfully the guys at Marc Jacobs have done this for us. Here is what they say about their gorgeous fragrance Marc Jacobs Dot:

Inspired by his love of polka dots, DOT is a personal signature for Marc Jacobs; round in shape and joyous in spirit, the polka dot is a symbol of charm and elegance, energetic and full of life. DOT opens with a delectable blend of red berries, succulent dragon fruit and sweet honeysuckle. The floral heart of the fragrance blooms with addictive jasmine and notes of coconut water and orange blossom. The base of the fragrance is a feminine mix of creamy vanilla, driftwood and sensual musks. A lush, juicy floral that comes full circle with a balance of modern whimsy and classic elegance; happy and vivacious.

This bottle now sits on my dressing table, brightening up my dreary days. I hope in 12 years time from now, if I ever come to “rediscover” this perfume then it would simply remind me of all the accomplishments and happy memories that I’ve collected and that I would smile and say to myself that I’ve set out and done what I promised Mum I’d do, which is to follow my heart and make her feel proud.

Sorry for boring you guys! I tend to treat this blog like a diary sometimes and I waffle. Anyhow, just wanted to share a little sentiment. But back to Beauty Blogger mode, Check out the Marc Jacobs Dot perfume if you like light perfumes that aren’t sweet smelling or overly floral. I love Marc Jacobs Daisy and this one isn’t too far off from that although a lot more fresh and less sweet.

Marc Jacobs Dot is available from most Department Stores, I got mine from Boots for £38. Check it  out HERE.

Before I go I have to ask, what was your first fragrance and does it hold any sentimental value for you? I’d love to know more! Leave me a comment to discuss! :)

Thanks for reading guys!



  1. aww… what a lovely post… and yes your pictures are great lol although in pic 2 the doll looks a bit creepy lurking… hahaha!
    I see and understand what you mean but try and enjoy life everyday and not think about the past too much… its all in the past and like i said to you many times try not to overthink it and think “what ifs” like you said in the post… “you wanted to at the time…” all your experiences has made you who you are and I think you great :)

    You will be ok. All of us survived what I can only imagine the worst and if we can survive that we can survive pretty much anything that tackles us this way…
    You will find your feet soon, and you will definitely smell this perfume in 12 years and remember everything happy happy happy. :)


    • Thank u deary, Lol didn’t think it was creepy until u said haha!

      I know and I’m not dwelling, just had an epiphany that time is ticking and I feel like I’ve just wasted some valuable time haha. As I said, I’m glad for the past and it is what makes u who you are, so hence from now lets work on creating some frigging awesome ones :)


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