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How to fake Healthy looking hair: For Dry, damaged hair.

How to get and Products for faking shiny, healthy hair

How to fake healthier looking hair before and after photos

How to fake healthier looking hair before and after

How to fake healthier looking hair tips and tricks

tips and tricks on How to fake healthier looking hair tips and tricks

tips and tricks on How to fake healthier looking hair with Frizz Ease smoothing creme

How to fake healthier looking hair with frizz ease daily miracle treatment

Tips and tricks on how to get healthier looking hair for dry and damaged hair

How to fake healthier looking hair tips and tricks

Tips and tricks on How to fake healthier looking hair with macadamia healing treatment oil

How to fake healthier looking hair

How to fake healthier looking hair tips and tricks

Tips on how to fake healthy looking hair

How to fake healthier looking hair tips and tricks

Hair care routines can become a massive chore when you have super long hair like mine. However it’s an absolute must for people like me who have coloured their hair to death and am now suffering from dry, bleached or damaged ends.

My hair has gone through some serious trauma the last couple of years as I went from bright red to dark, to light again and now I’m working to grow out this Ombre.

Needless to say that the countless bleach/dye sessions has left my hair looking drier than hay and it’s so brittle it breaks at the gentlest touch. Not Good.

However I’ve become somewhat (too) attached to my length and even the thought of  trimming off 2 inches makes me wanna squeal. Yes it’s sad (some even called me shallow – Yes You Naomi lol.)  It’s just that it’s taken me sooo long to grow my hair, two inches would feel like I’m cutting off my hard work.  Don’t get me wrong, I will have a trim just not every 6 weeks.

Anyhow it is what it is and until I go for my next trim (soon) my hair care routine pretty much consists of damage control and heat protection to help me fake healthier looking hair.  Please read on for my tuppence on how to achieve this.

Also please bare in mind I’m no hair expert (My damaged hair will tell you that easily) but I just wanted share with you my tips and tricks through personal experience on how I like to maintain my hair and fake that healthy looking shine.


GH Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner: Baylis & Harding

Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme: John Frieda

Frizz Ease Daily Miracle Treatment: John Frieda

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment: Macadamia Natural Oil

Herra Protect Hair Perfume: Herra Hair Care


Recently I’ve been using GH Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and & Conditoner by Baylis and Harding. I love it because it contains Moroccan Argan Oil Extract which helps so much for dry, damaged hair.  Even though the shampoo does contain Sulfate, it doesn’t lather a great deal on the first rinse. I assume this is a good sign since the less soapy agents there are the better it is for the hair follicles. The GH hair range also contains Pro Vitamin B5 to Strengthen and Nourish and Natural Betaine to help Moisturise.


Quick Tip: If you have time, try to leave your hair wrapped in a towel for a few minutes to soak up any excess water. This will minimise the time you expose your hair to heat and will help in the long run to prevent any further damage. Have a cuppa tea while you wait ;)

I always towel dry my hair until it’s about 80% dry. Your hair should be damp but not dripping wet before you start with the hairdryer. Again this is about minimising the amount of exposure to heat.

To make my hair easier to manage I apply Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing cream to my hair concentrating mostly on the ends where my hair is the driest. This leave in formula is lightweight and helps to keep my hair feeling silky soft and frizz free.  It contains nourishing ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Milk Protein to smooth and condition the hair.  The creme also contains a special ThermaGuard Complex which helps to make sure your hair is protected and ready for your hair dryer and straighteners.

Next I like to spray Frizz Ease Daily Miracle Treatment throughout my hair before I blow dry. This leave in conditioner also helps protect from heat damage and contains lots of vitamins and proteins to combat frizz, moisturise dry ends and fortifying/repairing nutrients to make hair stronger, shinier and healthier looking. I love this product because it detangles my long hair making it so much easier to comb through and in effect reduces breakage and more damage. I always notice a difference in my hair texture if I skip this step.


After all this (told you it’s a chore) you are now ready to start blow drying your hair.  I alway try to quickly blast dry my hair and finish by holding the dryer pointing downwards to direct the air down the hair shaft. This helps to smooth down the hair and give you a super shiny and straight finish. If your hair dryer has a cool setting then repeat this step with the cool air to help lock your style in place.


Yes, more heat trauma but thankfully the Frizz Ease products contain heat protectant to help protect the hair from these sorts of things. However just to be safe I always spray my hair again with the Daily Miracle Treatment before I apply my straighteners for added protection.

I’m still using my trusty GHDs to straighten my hair as it gives a beautiful finish. I have dabbled in many other brands cheaper and more expensive but have always went back to these.

Start by sectioning off the hair and work with the bottom layers first, then mid and leaving the top sections till last.

When applying the straighteners run them from top to tip slowly. The key is to distribute the heat evenly, so no rushing.  I try to avoid clamping too close to the roots as I like to maintain some of the volume, other wise my long, long hair ends up looking too flat and drags my whole face down with it.


Almost done here, just need some final touches to give my hair that fake shine and seal the ends for an overall more healthier looking appearance. To do this I swear by the Healing Oil treatment by Macadamia Natural Oil.

This little miracle oil has so many uses, you can apply straight to styled hair as a finishing product, add it to your conditioner as a treatment or even mix it in with your hair colourant to maximise absorption and achieve more vivid results.

It is packed with hair goodness and rare oils like macadamia oil and argan oil which means it helps to rejuvenate the hair, protect from natural UV and leaves your hair silky smooth with super shine and control.

What I tend to do is is use it as a finishing product. I warm a little in the palm of my hands and then drag my fingers through the ends of my hair where it is the driest. It helps to temporarily seal the split ends and gives a false pretence that my hair is healthier than it is.

FINALLY the last step, which is optional. This is what I do as a little treat and mini pamper session. I got sent the Herra Protect Hair Perfume earlier this year to review and I’ve just been so bogged down with life and completely forgot about it until now.

I will do a full review on Herra Hair Perfume but to give you a little insight, the Herra Protect Hair Perfume is exactly that. It’s a finishing spray and gentle fragrance for your hair but also contains properties to help protect the hair from everyday stresses such as pollution, UV and colour fade.  It also works by sealing in moisture to help your hair look soft and shiny.

The smell is lovely, it is light and fresh containing Italian bergamot, loquat fruit, midnight orchid, rose, white jasmine, mimosa, heliotrope, lily, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood and musk.

Herra describes the scent as a blend of the finest key notes creating a fresh modern, uplifting experience that appeals to all.

The fragrance lasts quite a while, I find myself getting wafts of it throughout the day and I hardly need to reapply even though the site does suggest a top up after 2-3 hours.

It’s quite an expensive product at £25 but would be fantastic as a little treat and gift for a special friend. I quite enjoy pulling this out of my hand bag because the packaging is so nice. You can read more about the Herra Hair Perfume on the site here.

So that’s my little (long ass) hair care routine/tips and tricks on how to fake healthy looking hair. I hope you find some of it useful. If you also have dry, damaged hair and have a few tips to share then please do leave me a comment below to let me know!  I need all the help I can get!

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed my post, I’m so sorry that it’s so both text and photo heavy!


13 thoughts on “How to fake Healthy looking hair: For Dry, damaged hair.

  1. Hi Kaka, just stumbled across your blog :) I can totally relate to this post. I will say that switching to non-silicon shampoo was the pivotal point for me. For 2 months it had to get worse in order to get better, but now it’s the best it’s been in years.

    Thanks for your tips; I’m gonna look into macadamia nut oil…

    I do want to ask you something. In the US we’re always told that blow drying (or any heat styling) damages hair; so I always airdry when possible. When I was in Japan though, my hairstylist and all the girls told me that actually its better to dry your hair quickly as possible (i.e. with a blowdryer) because leaving it damp leaves the cuticle open and vulnerable to damage! Ha! Why does beauty advice have to be contradicting at times!? Haha. What’s your take?

    • Hi Quinn thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment, I really appreciate it! :)

      I’m looking at switching to non silicon shampoo too, do you have any recommendations?

      To answer your question, I’m no hair expert but I like to dry my hair with a hair dryer, mostly for a practical reason. I have so much hair and its so long it would take a good few hours for it to air dry lol. To limit the exposure to heat I always leave my hair in the towel whilst I fuss around with my makeup getting ready and then towel dry till 80% dry before drying it off with a hairdryer.

      Very interesting point though, I will have to have to have a little read about it! :)


  2. This is so absurb. Your hair looks dry and damaged BECAUSE you are blowdrying and straightening it. Best way to hide the damage is damaging it more? Wow, brilliant…

    • Hi Magalie, why so much anger hun?

      I realise that, which is why I said this is how to FAKE healthier looking hair and not how to GET healthier looking hair. If you cared to read my post before venting you’d also see that I said that this is just damage control until I get to the hairdressers. I know that by putting my hair hair through more heat is only going to ruin it. But until my next salon visit, this is how I choose to style my hair. My post is for reference only, no need to get agro.

      Thank you!

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