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50 Random Facts about me

I’ve been enjoying all the “50 random facts about me” tags that is floating around the blogosphere lately. I’m such a nosey parker and these posts have been a fun way to get to know a little more about my favourite bloggers.

I thought I’d jump on the wagon and do the same, so if you want to find out some pretty useless facts about me or if you are bored and want an easy read then please stick around.

50 random facts about me tag

1: I have long hair but not only because I like the look of it, but also because I think it’s works a treat for disguising my dumbo ears.

2: I dislike prawn cocktail flavour crisps but I love Skips.

3: I have a faint, inch long scar on my left cheek, courtesy of my little Sister. Worst part isn’t the scar, but the memory of the fight… over an Argos catalogue for crying out loud!

4: I got called formula one in school because I speak at a ridiculous speed. I find that I stutter a lot because I cant catch up with myself.

5: I got a grade A in GCSE Welsh but now I can’t remember a word of it.

6: Remember Tamagotchi’s and Nano Babies? Yep, I had like a dozen of the things. Different colours, species or whatnot. I was pretty sad, I named a particular Nano Baby after a crush at the time. I had to reset it a couple of times to get it to give me a boy baby. Oh my god that sounds so ridiculous… (Please don’t judge me!)

7: I remember when petrol was just 86p per litre.

8: It took me 4 times to pass my driving test, I still stand by the belief that none of the first 3 fails were my fault.

9: My Dad is a phenomenal Chef but I don’t know how to cook anything other than Pasta, Fried Rice or Steaks.

10: I’m 28 years old but got asked for ID buying the lottery last month…

11: …Which is how I know I must be getting old because I was overly chuffed rather than gutted for the above.

12: My bedroom is consistently messy. I’m talking can’t see the carpet messy, it’s a wonder how I can find anything in there.

13: I’m ashamed that I can’t string a sentence together without a swear word. I’ve been known to fill a swear jar in less than a week.

14: I’ve kept (and burnt a few)  diaries since my pre teen years.

15: I’m a not so secret Vampire Diaries fan! I’m still a teen at heart :D

16: I’ve had braces twice in my life to straighten and correct my underbite. I now have semi straight teeth because I lost my retainer and they’re starting to move back again.

17: I like to eat chocolate when it’s slightly melted, but will only eat a Milky Way bar if it’s been in the fridge because I like the way it snaps.

18: I eat with chopsticks everyday but can’t actually hold or use them in the the proper way.

19: I’ll be offending a lot of people by saying this, but I think Batman is the lamest “Super” Hero. He has no powers.  Just a rich man in tight suit and flashy car. Sorry.

20: I still cry watching the end scene of Titanic.

21: I had a celebrity crush on Aaron Kwok/Daniel Chan (Canto Popstars) until I was 15? Maybe older..? Fine Daniel Chan is a creep now but Aaron is still looking pretty good for almost 50.

22: I’ve never received or sent an anonymous Valentines Card.

23: I am still waiting for a Silvanian Family playset from my Big Sis. She promised me one after asking/bribing me to take the blame for breaking mums pearl necklace. I got the blame but 20 years later still no playset.

24: I often find myself daydreaming, sometimes I even hold conversations in my head with people I know I’ll be seeing that day.

25: I wanted to be an Air Hostess when I was younger.

26: I ended up being a Social Media Marketer.

27: I will only sing in the car on my own, never in public. I am definitely tone deaf.

28: I don’t like to eat the nut inside a Ferrrero Roche.

29: I really want the rumour for a Friends movie to be true. Please be true!

30: My favourite thing to do is nothing.  I love sitting around in PJ’s with nothing else to do other than watch TV, eat and sleep.

31: If I have a strange or vivid dream I always check the dream dictionary as an attempt to find out what they mean. (Sad)

32: I hate my feet because they look seriously deformed.

33: I can’t function without a cup of tea everyday. I’m addicted to the stuff, white with half sugar please!

34: I never leave the house without my Blisteze Lip balm it saves me from dry, chapped lips.

35: I wish I owned a panda. A real  one.

36: I don’t like the sea because it scares me. You just don’t know what’s lurking beneath and that’s terrifying.

37: I only know how to ride a bike on a flat surface, no upward or downward hills for me.

38: My favourite perfume is Chanel Mademosiselle. I love the scent and I always feel happier when I get a waft of it during the day.

39: I’m actually quite a shy person. Until I get comfortable and l open up.

40: I wish I wasn’t such a shorty at 5ft 1. I’d be content with just 3 more inches *fingers crossed I’ll still grow*

41: Caffeine has no effect on me whatsoever, but Orange juice on the other hand makes me hyper.

42: The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton was one of my favourite books as a child.

43: If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be to slow down and stop rushing through life. I was in such a hurry to grow up as a teen, now all of a sudden I’m 28 and wondering where all those years have gone?

44: I love snail mail. Receiving a personal letter through the post beats an email any day! I used to have pen pals and I loved everything like choosing the best letter set, making sure I used my best hand writing and the anticipation of sending and receiving replies. I miss it and think it should definitely be brought back.  Whilst I’m here I may as well ask… Anyone want to be my pen pal? No seriously..?

45: I dislike Salt & Vinegar. Don’t like it on chips or as a crisp flavour, I hate the taste and also the way it makes your lips feel all rubbery afterwards.

46: I love the idea of onsies, but have to admit they are pretty annoying when you need to goto the loo. Especially in winter when its cold.

47: Can’t deal with soppy people. Get a room.

48: It takes a lot for me to do any form of exercise. I can hardly breathe walking up a flight of stairs and I drive everywhere, even to the Super Market that is like a stone throw away. Yeah I need to sort that out, sooo lazy and unhealthy.

49: The Little Mermaid was my first and most favourite Disney Movie. I still remember how chuffed I was when Mum bought it for me.

50: I recently had laser eye surgery and now I miss wearing my glasses! Doh! Can’t win…

Phew!  That was a mouthful, and harder than I thought! Be honest, at which point did u stop reading? lol.

I’d love to get to know you guys a bit better too, so if you have done a 50 random facts post then please leave a link below and I’ll be sure to check it out!

Thanks so much for reading guys!


13 thoughts on “50 Random Facts about me

    • Haha I wish I was, but that’s so cool that u thought I was taller lol, camera angles are def important then hehe!

      Vampire Diaries is my guitly pleasure :D

  1. The one about swearing made me laugh because I swear like a trooper too. I would offer to be your penpal as I love sending and receiving snail mail but my life is so zzz-worthy I think I might send you to sleep ;) x

    • Haha I know I’m awful, I need to be censored lol.

      I’m sure u cant be more boring than me, I literally do nothing these days, must be my age :D x

  2. I love getting mail. I am excited I get to send postcards back home once I start studying abroad in the UK. I am a total Vampire Diaries fan too. It’s so cheesy, but I have been shipping Caroline and Klaus since the first scene they were together!

  3. I love your long hair! I love long hair in general, but I cut mine off a few years ago because I felt like I needed a big change and I love my short hair, too. Wish I could switch around at will!

    I stutter sometimes because I speak so fast, too. Mostly, though, people don’t understand because I speak so fast. Didn’t have any nicknames for it (that I know of) but it’s been a problem all my life!

    My sister gave me a scar too! With her nail, on my arm. :| I can’t remember what it was for, though. Something dumb, probably. That girl is a menace.

    Caffeine has no effect on me in small doses, but if I drink two cups of black coffee, I’ll get tachycardia. I love coffee, but I wish it gave me a real boost sometimes! I pretty much only have coffee in the morning because I need something a bit more substantial than water to clear my throat, and I love the taste of coffee but hate milk.

    The Vampire Diaries is – well. I was a fan of the show! A HUGE fan. I had a lot of feelings, still do, but I had to quit watching because I hated the direction they took and eventually I got nothing good out of it, sigh. But I love mindless entertainment meant for teens like TVD and Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf… My taste in TV is awesome, thank you. :p

    – Lix | A Classic Notion

  4. i would LOVE to be your pen pal ! omg i speak super fast that i can’t keep up with my self too… i can relate to 5’1 dilemma too :(

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