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Hi Guys!

It’s been a while since I did a tutorial so thought I’d put one together this week. I decided to do a Cateye or winged eyeliner tutorial since it’s a look I wear quite often and with the 60’s Trend Swinging back around I thought it might be a well received one :)

So here are the things that you will need, you don’t have to have the exact items, this is just what I plucked out from my makeup box.

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

But if you’d like to know the exact products used, here is the list:





Ok, so before we get started, one thing you need to do is pin point 3 reference points on your eye to apply your eyeliner. You don’t have to physically mark your eye, but just visualise these points. This will help you make sure your eyeliner will be exactly where you want it. If you have trouble visualising then try using a white liner pencil to mark your reference points. You can always remove them afterwards! :)

Here is a guide to show you where I make my reference points.

POINT 1: This will be the tip/end of your eyeliner. It should be directly under the point where your eyebrow ends. I always find it easier to do my eyebrows FIRST so that I can use the end as a guide for where the tip of my liner begins.

POINT 2: This should be in the outer corner of your eye where your top and bottom lid meets.

POINT 3: This is the point where you liner will end. I always take mine to meet the edge of my iris.

If that made absolutely no sense to you all, then not to worry! I have prepared a little visual to help! :D

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

Right so now you have your reference points. You can whip out that eyeliner to start lining! I also used an undereye brightener to prime and brighten up my eye area first.

STEP 1: Imagine you are playing connect the dots and connect points 1 to 2 with a small line.

STEP 2: Next connect points 1 & 3 with a longer line. I find doing this part with your head tilted upwards making your lids stretch out a little, helps me a lot to get a straight line.

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

Now you should have a triangular shape like the one below, and all that’s left to do is fill in the gap!

STEP 3: Now imagine you are playing another kiddies game! Take your liner and colour in the triangle, making sure not to go out the lines!

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

At this point we are almost done, and you should have something like the below.

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

STEP 4: I have a massive obsession with looking at peoples eyeliner and wondering whether they’ve bothered to fill in the gaps between the lashes and the liner. I just find it looks so odd when you can see the skin poking through! So I seriously recommend tight lining the eyes to avoid that. It makes your lashes look a lot fuller and tidies up the whole look! You can take this right up to the inner corners of the eyes. This will fill in the space between point 3 and the inner corners.

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

STEP 5: For this part I used the end of my KATE Liner which contains a brown, powder to line my lower lash line . You can use any matte, brown eyeshadow to do this. I tend to line the lower lid by winging it out slightly at the corners. Making the line wider at the corners and thinner towards the middle. DON’T take it all the way in though, as this can over frame your eyes making them look smaller than they really are. Brown also gives a much softer, natural finish than black.

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

We’re nearly there, we have the basic shape and line at this point, all that’s left is falsies and lashings of mascara! If you prefer, you don’t have to put on false lashes especially if you are already blessed with luscious lashes. I however have not been so lucky! I practically have none!

For a more natural and winged effect, I split my lashes in half and placed them on the outer corners of my eye only! I usually only wear one pair, but for a more dramatic look, you can try doubling up lashes for a fuller look.

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

STEP 6: Apply lashes to the outer corner of the eyes and wait for them to dry before moving on to the next step.

STEP 7: Once your lashes are on and fully dry, I recommend curling them with an eyelash curler to help blend your real lashes in with the falsies for a more seamless finish. I find this especially important for me as my lashes tends to be very straight and grow downwards, therefore looks a bit mental unless I curl them.

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

STEP 8: Apply mascara to coat both falsies and real lashes. This will also help to blend in your real lashes and give you a more natural & flawless finish.

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

How to do a cateye eyeliner tutorial

We’re done! That’s the look in a few easy peasy steps! (I hope you found my steps easy peasy… Let me know if not! I need to be told)

I love this look because it’s so versatile and easy to wear. You can team it with virtually any lip colour for a different effect! I love wearing it with a red lipstick for a glam, evening look, or with a nude gloss for the office. You can also try teaming it with a Tangerine lipstick if you’re loving the current Orange Trend or go for the playful/flirty look with a slick of girly, pink lippie!


What’s your most favourite way to wear this look? I think I’m going to stick with my Nude lipstick as it’s the most wearable for everyday!

I REALLY hope you guys found this tutorial helpful and easy to follow! I have literally spent my entire Saturday on this haha! I didn’t realise how many photos I would need to illustrate this clearly, which is mad because the actual look itself takes me less than 10 minutes to do.

I would appreciate your feedback as usual on how I can make these tutorials better/easier/clearer. I know have a tendency to ramble on.

Anyway, hope you all have a lovely Sunday and thanks for stopping by!



  1. Kaka, I love this tutorial!! I had no idea that the liner should start at the edge of your iris. I am pretty skilled with my cateye, but this still was a big help because when it comes to make up there are always new tips and tricks to be learned.Thank you!!

    • Aww thanks hun! That’s so nice to hear! Thank you for stopping by, and let me know how you get on with this tutorial if u do try it out :) x

    • Thank you sweetie!

      I’m really glad you guys find it helpful, makes all the effort worthwhile! I appreciate the feedback, so thanks for commenting! xx

  2. This was a great tutorial! I am AWFUL at doing winged liner, but I am going to bookmark this for the next time I attempt the dreaded cat eye. :) Awesome job!

  3. Such great images accompanying the tute!!! Really makes such a difference! Do you have a youtube? We just started up our youtube channel. We only have July favourites and one tutorial up right now though. Would love it if you could check it out! Hit us up with a comment so we can find your one too! Would love to really get to know the other people in the youtube/wordpress beauty community! xox Rubenesque

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