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So for the past few weeks I’ve been in constant battle with… my chin!  Yes my chin! For some reason I’ve been breaking out constantly! More annoyingly they seem to come and go one at a time! Soon as one goes, another raises it’s ugly head before I have time to whoop! I don’t know why it’s only my chin either! I’ve been exfoliating, doing face masks, strips, the lot! Nothing seems to help.

Etude House Chin and Lip Strips

I know it’s only one spot and not exactly the end of the world, but it’s RUINED MY LIFE…. well my blogging life at least hehehe!

Jokes and drama aside, this spot has deterred me from blogging as much, as taking close up photos with that on my face isn’t exactly the most confidence boosting. However, I decided to bin that thought and just embrace it by doing this “How to conceal your spots or blemishes” post.

I’m no Make Up expert but after 6 weeks of constant concealing,  I’ve picked up a few tricks that work for me and I thought it might be useful to share.

Here is my unconcealed face..  Yes! Yes I hear you! Of course I know that it’s jus one spot, and not really something to whinge about, but don’t you agree that because it is the one and only one on my face, it just looks even more obvious? O.O

Thank goodness for makeup as at least we can cheat our way to get flawless looking skin.

How to conceal spots step by step

So here is what you’ll need to fake a flawless complexion

What make up you need to conceal spots







Before we begin, it should go without overstating the obvious that you should always make sure you work with clean tools, clean hands and clean skin. You don’t want to be making things worse and risk spreading the bacteria.

Step 1:

First apply your foundation to even out the rest of the skin. I used my Lush Dark Yellow Colour Supplement. Love this as foundation as it gives a radiant, dewy finish thats great for Summer.

Next take your concealer and put a little product on to the back of your hand. DO NOT apply straight from the tube as this could leave nasties on your concealer and hence cause further break outs on your skin.

The concealer should be an EXACT match to your skin tone as anything lighter will just emphasise the spot even more. I’ve found thick, creamy, stick concealers work best on blemishes and this Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up stick is perfect for helping my skin appear flawless! (At least from a distance anyway hehe).Flawless skin, how to hide a spot

Step Two

Apply concealer in thin layers, this will help the concealer to stay on longer and look more natural.Taking a small brush, the smaller the better and more precise you’ll get,  (I’m using e.l.f.’s Small Precision Brush), dot the concealer on the area surrounding the spot. Blend in towards the centre to conceal any redness.

This should help minimise the appearance of the spot. You wont be able to get rid of the height of the bump as unfortunately science wont allow it, but we can make it less obvious.  Flawless skin, how to hide a spot

After you’ve blended in the concealer around the edges of the spot, you should be left with something like this…Flawless skin, how to hide a spot

The spot should be less obvious and red, all that’s giving it away now is the centre of the spot.

Step Three

Using the tip of your small brush, apply concealer to fill in the space in the middle of the spot. It should now resemble something similar to this…

How to conceal spots step by step

How to conceal spots step by step

Step Four

Using a clean finger, gently pat to blend in the concealer, the warmth of your fingers will help it melt in and settle. Just be careful not to over do it and erase all the work you’ve done so far.

How to conceal spots step by step


This final step is vital if you want your face to appear flawless and blemish free all day! Set the concealer with a bit of loose powder by dipping a flat concealer brush into the powder and gently press it on to the concealed blemish. Be careful not to sweep as you’ll just take it all off  and just uncover the spot again.

Once you have a fine layer of setting powder, let it sit for a bit before using your finger to gently dab and get rid of any excess powder.

How to conceal spots step by step

Voila! Spot is concealed!

The results!

How to conceal spots step by step

How to hide a spot before and after.jpg

That’s it guys, I hope you can see that the spot although still visible, is looking very much less red and glaringly obvious.

I also hope you’ll find this helpful. I’ve not really done many tutorials before as I’m not a Makeup artist by any means and am in no position to tell you how to or how not to do something. I will have a good bash at things myself though and thought I’d share my personal experience and tips with you.

Let me know if you guys would like to see more Tutorial posts or how I can make these posts better! Would love to hear your feedback guys!

As always, thanks for reading!



    • Hiya Hun! Thanks for the lovely comment and encouragement! It means a lot! Glad u liked the tutorial! I will keep it up! ;) x

    • Thank you Hun! Yep just dab on in thin layers to avoid a Cakey finish. Best not to pick spots as that just makes them harder to conceal! :)

  1. Thankyou for sharing! I can’t conceal spots for the life of me, I always make a right mess of it so this is such a useful post :D definitely going to be trying this out! Thanks for sharing :D xx

  2. Wow, you’re good. I’m always impressed by people who can do this and do it so seamlessly – I’ll definitely be trying out this step by step! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Just what I needed hun! Have so many spots lately (not sleeping early and all!!) it’s unreal! Have you tried using Enca Pink Powder btw? It’s a spot buster and normally takes my spots out like in 2-3 days tops. Don’t you find the spots to get more irritated when you put too many products on it? Mine seems to happen like that. :(

    • Aww thanks lovely! Glad u found it useful! I haven’t heard of that product but have checked it out AND ended up buying it too! Lol! Thanks for the recommendation, will let u know how I get on. Yr probably right,adding product probs isn’t the most ideal but I’m too vain to just leave it alone loll! x

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  6. You are so cool! I do not believe I have read through a single thing like that before.
    So nice to find another person with a few genuine thoughts on this
    topic. Seriously.. thanks for starting this up.

    This site is one thing that’s needed on the internet, someone with some originality!

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