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*Jacava London Nail Polish: Cappuccino Cream NOTD Review & Swatch

Jacava Nail Polish in Cappuccino Cream Jacava Nail Polish in Cappuccino Cream Jacava Nail Polish in Cappuccino Cream Jacava Nail Polish in Cappuccino CreamI was recently contacted by the lovely ladies at Javava London to review one of their Nail Polishes. The range has 18 shades and I was given the freedom to pick my own. I went for Cappuccino Cream – thanks to their online colour selector.

Just to tell you a little bit about Jacava Nail Polish and what makes them special and justify the £14.50 price tag!  Jacava Nail Polishes have a nourishing formula which is gentle on the nails and helps to keep them strong. The polishes are also 8 Free – which means the polishes are free from 8 cosmetic no no’s including Formaldehyde, Camphor, Toluene, DBP, Collophane, Phthalates, Parabens  and Animal Ingredients. Plus Javava does not test on animals either! Whooop!

Jacava Nail Polish is marketed as a luxury product and I half expected it to be like any other high end polish to be perfectly honest -the usual  good formula and finish you know the sort. I suppose one thing that makes it that little bit more ‘luxurious’ goes to the 22 carat gold logo printed on the bottle- don’t look at me, it wasn’t my idea. I have no clue why that would make a nail polish more appealing… but I suppose for those who chases after life’s little luxuries this could be a nice wining touch.

When it came and I looked at it, I already knew I loved the shade just from staring at the bottle. It looked like malty, chocolate milk! Soo good! The bottle design itself looked slightly Mumsy for me,  but nothing that isn’t compensated for with it’s AMAZING formula. Besides according to the brand the bottle is designed so that the brush touches the bottom of the bottle, meaning not a single drop of this fabulous formula goes to waste.

I’m not joking when I say this, the stuff just glides on like nothing I’ve used before! So ultra smooth and easy to apply I didn’t want to stop applying it! Just kept going coat after coat on each nail,  then before I knew it,  I had super glossy, Cappuccino Cream coloured nails!  I’m not sure how much this has to do with the brush, but according to Jacava, that’s also been ergonomically designed to fit the narrowest and widest part of the nail. Results speak for themselves I suppose, because I personally really felt the difference in application and formula with this polish.

I’ve had the polish on for a week now and its still going strong with hardly any chips at all, although longevity isn’t usually a concerning factor for me as I tend to change my polish quite regularly, it is nice to know it would last though.


Overall this polish gets the thumbs up from me.  I love the fantastic formula finish it gives, it was easy to apply and dried to a smooth and glossy finish in less than a minute. Cappuccino Cream is also a gorgeous colour – perfect for everyday wear and goes with everything! It’s become one of my fail safe polishes – the ones you know will always look good, no matter what you wear or what mood you wake up in!

I do hope that they will bring in some more crazy colours though as the range, although beautiful, tends to be a little safe. It’ll be cool to see them bring in some trend colours and effects for fun.

At £14.50 they’re not really a budget option either but if you’re looking for a little ‘affordable luxury‘ then this could be it.

If you’d like to check them out, you can buy these polishes from the site at:

Have you guys tried this brand? What are your thoughts?

* This product was a sample sent for PR and review purposes. However KAKA Beauty Blog offers genuine and honest opinions only .


7 thoughts on “*Jacava London Nail Polish: Cappuccino Cream NOTD Review & Swatch

  1. ah i’ve got a jacava product and it’s lovely! even though the design is a tiny bit dated i find the long handle so much easy to use than other brands!

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