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My new hair and Salon Review






After putting my hair through hell and back, my waist length hair is looking more and more like straw. It’s so dry and brittle that even the slightest movement causes it to snap or break…

But the thought of cutting it all off is too scary for me, especially since I know that short hair really doesn’t me. I know what you are thinking, my hair is that long that surely just a few inches off the ends wouldn’t be the end of the world! But unfortunately even 2 inches sounds too painful…. My hair grows so slow, roughly an inch a year… that’s like 2 years worth of growth!

Anyhow, I decided to go for a little trim to tidy up the ends and the messy layers at Tino Constantinou in Cardiff.  I’ve been looking for a new hairdresser and my sis found them after a browse online for salons. I was very impressed with their super friendly service. Debbie the lovely lady who did my hair for the day was very patient, even with my super thick hair that takes a decade to dry and style. I think I was in the salon for at least 2 hours of total devoted pampering! It really was a pleasant experience and I walked out happy as Larry with my new found, bouncy hair!

I will most definitely be going back again for my next cut, I’m thinking about going in for a colour to sort out my now faded ombre. I’m hoping to go a bit more Ash coloured as this orangey tinge in my hair is starting to get on my nerves! However I am a little worried about the condition of my hair and putting through more trauma haha! Ahh nightmare!




10 thoughts on “My new hair and Salon Review

  1. Don’t worry, a little cut is necessary but the result is awesome :) I love the curled ends!
    This salon is so airy and fashioned, the parquet gives it a great look.
    For my split ends I’ve been using the Avon 3D damage rescue, then I decided to cut my hair in March because it was time to cut them…
    Have a happy Sunday

  2. I love the cut and style. My also grows sloooooowly! When I cut even an inch it feels short, but healthy. My last hair dresser said, ” even our hair gets dry like our skin and needs moisture.” Yeah but there are so many products and I’m tried too many, I guess Ive given up…:) anyhow you look beautiful!!!!

    • Thanks Elisa! Yea they did a fantastic job! So hard to find a hairdresser I like these days! 0.o

      I plan to change my hair colour too! Starting too look a bit out grown and brassy now!

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