So I have been a very busy bee trying out all these new products I managed to grab during my two week trip to HK! I still need to do a full review on these items but I thought I’d give you a sneak peak of some of the things I got first!

I wont list all the products featured here as you’d be here all day reading a long ass list but I managed to bag myself some Etude House goodies! I have to give a big shout to the lovely Elisa over at for bringing this brand to my attention! Elisa has a lot of amazing reviews over on her gorgeous blog, so do head over for a little nose! When I saw the Boutique (which looked like a dolls house) from afar I was literally squealing with glee! As you can see I went a little crazy in Etude House… May I add that this was done on a few separate occasions, I kept going back for more and ended up with more lipsticks I could ever need…


Whilst I was out there, God saw fit to bless me with the worlds biggest spot, the size of Mt. Everest right on my chin… I exaggerate not! For some reason the rest of my skin decided to clear up during this time so in comparison, this raging, angry spot just looked more apparent. Now, I’m not whinging too much because it was after all just ONE spot and it could have been worse, but it was not much fun having to spend longer everyday to hide this lump under my skin! I went into my standard “I will fix it” mode and started shopping for all kinds of miracle skin remedies I could find… and hence the huge SKII haul! I’ve used the Miracle water in the past which I loved, but found too expensive to keep up. However a trip to Macau Casinos and a lucky spin on the roulette machine later I found myself $3000 (£300)  richer! HA! Beginners luck!

SKIN FOOD is another brand that I loved having on my bathroom shelf! I just love their cute packaging (just look at the Steam Milk range! ^^) and all their products smell good enough to eat! My favourite at the moment is the Sesame seed Mask! It warms up on your face as you apply it, sooo soothing! BUT that’s another Post! :D



Sasa is fab place to pick up beauty essentials in HK, the place is like a sweet shop for me, I could spend hours in there! I managed to pick up a few bits from majolica majorca including this super cute, blush tin! I just love that adorable puff that comes with it!

Only thing I hate about shopping in SASA is the incredibly annoying staff that follow you around like a bad smell –  just lingering around wherever you go. I had to pretend I didn’t speak Cantonese to get rid of this woman who was trying to tell me in her limited English vocab, the benefits of this PGT Mascara. Fair play she did sell it to me as I bought three! Ha! Fab mascara ;)

majolica majorca Blusher


As I said there is a lot here to digest and I plan on reviewing these soon, but if you spot anything you’d like to see more of then let me know! :D


9 thoughts on “MY OVERDUE HK HAUL!

  1. Wow, so many cute things! Etude is so visually appealing! Very lucky, can’t wait for some revies ^.^

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