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Last month I decided to give my wardrobe a big Spring clean to make some room for the clothes I actually wear these days. It turns out that I am quite the hoarder. After going through it twice I managed to bag up barely half a bin bags worth.

As I was going through everything, it was hard not to notice the amount of stripey attire in my closet. Now, I love my stripes as it’s easy chic, but I have so much of it in my wardrobe, it’s borderline obsessive!

Anyhow, the good news for me is that I hear Stripes are making a comeback for S/S 13′ which now makes my wardrobe on trend! HA! It’s finally happened! :D

I thought I’d celebrate with a Stripey NOTD inspired by my stripey hoard! Check them out along with a small snapshot of my stripey pieces. I have many more but I didn’t think hanging them all back up afterwards would be too much fun!

NOTD: Stripey Nail Art

Stripey Clothes

NOTD: Stripey Nail Art

Stripey clothes

I was really pleased with the results, partly because it took me about a decade to finish both hands. Who knew it would take so long to get a decent stripe! My fave one though, is the white and beige design as I love the matte finish effect. I may have to redo all my nails with this design at some point, I think it would be really cute ^^

A quick post from me today to ease myself back into blogger mode, I’ve been off for so long I feel a little rusty! Look out for my upcoming posts. I got quite a fair share of Beauty Hauls to show you from my trip to Hong Kong :)

Thanks for reading guys!





  1. i love your nails, and i love stripes too! keep up the great blog :) xx

  2. Love the nails! Very cute. I have never been big into the stripes trend, but I do love polka dots. Seriously, I would have polka dot everything if I didn’t remind myself that I have so much polka dot stuff already. lol. I hate cleaning out my closet because it usually just means that half the clothes end up on the floor and by that point, I’m too tired to pick them back up. ;)

    • LOL Yes! I totally get that! I always make huge mess before it gets tidy :D
      N thanks lovely, I love polka dots too! Very Cath Kidston, I have dotty nail art post somewhere :)

    • Thanks Katherine glad you like them.

      I usually edit my photos using Photoshop, but for this particular post I’ve used an App called camerabag :)


  3. this hasd really help me out with my desings that i’m practicing on and i would like to thank you very much .and if u would pearsonialy give me some tips you can email me.Thank you very much you inspired me!!!!Simone with love

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