Sorry for these few days of short but sweet posts guys! I’ve been a super busy bee this week and haven’t had a chance to sit and prepare blog posts last weekend!

I’ve decided though, that instead of being totally absent, that I would post a quick photo of the day until things calm down a bit! I have some exciting products to review next week so watch this space guys!

Another reason I’ve been refraining from blogging is because my skin has been sooooo bad lately! I think I’m feeling a tad run down so my skin has decided to play havoc! It’s so tender and sore right now!

Anyhow, my mum has a fab, home remedy facial that she does for me when I have crappy skin! I love it as it is ultra soothing and makes my skin heal so much faster! It’s blend of chrysanthemums and other herbal magic that I’m not quite sure what of, I will have to find out for you because it’s amazing on the skin!

Mum brings it all to a boil and I use the solution to wash and bathe my face. I then put the left over flowers in a pair of clean tights and use it as a soothing face mask! :) Instantly my complexion is brighter, less raw, and more supple!

Facial heaven! Thanks mama! Xxx


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