#28KISSES LIPSTICK TAG / Beauty/Cosmetics


Well would you look at that! It’s the 18th and this is the 18th Lipstick  Tag Post! I’m right on time! What? No I never missed one this week! Says who?  (OK OK I may have had to play catch up with two posts yesterday :) READ HERE) hehe.

So Today I have another KIKO Lippie to show you! It’s one I hardly wear not because I don’t like it but its just one of those lippies that gets neglected until I feel in the mood for it lol! I’m glad I picked this one up today as it’s the perfect berry shade that fits quite nicely for the wintery weather!

The Kiko lipstick I am sporting Today is no. 09 Grape Juice Pink a lovely berry/plum colour with a slight hint of pinky flecks!  kiko Lipstick in 09 grape juice pink

#28kisses Lipstick Tag

kiko Lipstick in 09 grape juice pink

Keeping these posts short and sweet guys for both mine and your sanity lol! 18 lipsticks and stil 10 yet to come lol!

See you here again for tomorrows Lipstick of the day! :)

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