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Okay, so this 28 lipstick tag is meant to reacquaint me with some forgotten/neglected lipsticks, and that it has done indeed! However I can’t help but notice I have a running theme with most of my lippies! A LOT of them are all practically the same colour!! Haha. So apparently I’m really into my brownish, pinks because I seem to have a ton of them lol

Anyhow, Today’s Lipstick choice is Mac’s Mellow Mood! It’s actually very lovely and is a universally, flattering shade. This is my go to lipstick for my “Blah” days!  I believe I got this one as part of a limited edition collection based on the unique gold and black casing, so I’m not sure that it’s still available…

mac lipstick mellow mood

mac lipstick mellow mood

mac lipstick mellow mood

#28kisses Lipstick Tag

mac lipstick mellow mood

Do you have a ‘blah day’ lipstick? By that I mean a lipstick that you know will work no matter what mood you’re in, or when you’re not really sure what look you’re going for! Just Blahhh! Lol random! I hope you know what I mean and that I’m not just rabbiting on sounding crazy!? O.0

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