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RED ALERT: FOTD with red makeup.. Yep eyes included..

Last week I did a post inspired by my favourite colour purple (Read HERE). It was a lot of fun to do and it reacquainted me with quite a few neglected items in my make up collection! So I thought it would be fun to do more colour inspired posts and this week I’ve chosen to do RED!

I had a BIG vision for this post and it was going to be RED galore! But turns out I actually don’t have that many red items? I ask myself why? I LOVE red!! I am however wearing my new Red PJ’s to make up for the lack of red! :)

Anyhow I did manage with the very few red items that I do have! I have a red eyeshadow by Illamasqua which I got from the Mystery Selection (Read HERE), and to be perfectly honest I had no idea what I would do with a red eyeshadow until now!  This little gem actually works great as a blusher and looks great on the eyes teamed with some smokey black shadow!

Red Makeup and nails

Red Makeup

Red Nail Polish

Red eye Makeup

Red Makeup



Red Nail Polish is a classic look and one of the items that I thought I wouldn’t be short of! Unfortunately since I live in practically two places, the majority of my nail polish collection was left back at home and all I had was this REALLY old one by YSL that I got almost 10 years ago.. Gross? In my defence it doesn’t look 10 years old and the formula is still as fantastic as the day I received it as a lovely gift!  :P No clumping or thickening! Just High Shine, Glossy Perfection! There in itself restores my faith in high end polishes and reminds me why we pay extra for them, I can’t see my Highstreet polishes being useable in 10 years time? Don’t quote me I could be wrong…

I know it’s still weeks away yet, but I think this makes a nice Valentines Day Makeup look if you need some inspiration!

Now, BIG SHOUT OUT to a nutty Blogger I’ve come to know! She’s as mad as a box of mad… hatters? Lol, I dunno, but she is mad, I’m sure you get the gist!  Epiphannie at has joined forces with me to paint the blog town red this week! Her post made me chuckle out loud! Go see for yourself her madness! She’s hilarious! (READ IT HERE). 

Next week I’ll be doing a PINK post! If you’d like to take part just create a post using your selected PINK items and link me to your post so I can check it out! :)

Thanks for reading guys!

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22 thoughts on “RED ALERT: FOTD with red makeup.. Yep eyes included..

  1. You look gorgeous! The nail polish is so beautiful and so classic!

    I’m so tempted to do another online order at Illamasqua now!

  2. Wow, I love it! I really like red, especially on eyes I think red is not getting enough attention from the beauty brands… Red on lips, red on cheeks – tick, tick… But not on eyes. Very pretty look & nice post :) xx

  3. Hello!!!
    NIce to meet you, Kamen!
    Red is my favourite colour and I like so much how you’ve used your red eyeshadow!!!
    I think it’s fun to use such “strange” colour ^-^

    • Haha I just have an obsession with make up lol! Haha Football nail art sounds interesting lol! Will have to let u know if I get inspired hehe! x

  4. Red means passion, right? But did you know that Red actually conveys different meanings and many of these meanings, though, come from one single source: blood. Blood is LIFE + HEART= LOVE. (-: I love red, too, and I love the way you model those products. Very professional.

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