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10 DAY BEAUTY CHALLENGEToday’s Beauty Challenge is not a very glam one however it is one of THE most important ones! I don’t know about you guys but I’m terrible when it comes to washing my Makeup Brushes! Gross I know! So as part of my New Year New Me Challenge I now vow to wash my brushes regularly! I mean at LEAST once a week!

To be honest for someone who has super sensitive skin that reacts to even the slightest bit of dust, you’d think I’d be more rigorous about keeping my brushes clean! Apparently not… but any how that’s all going to change from now!

When I do wash my brushes I have one essential product that I use which is e.l.f  Brush Shampoo! I like this product because it contains an anti-bacterial ingredient to disinfect dirty brushes making them super clean to use again. It leaves my brushes looking and feeling really soft as if brand new!

If you don’t have a brush shampoo though, you can still clean your brushes with regular shampoo! It works just as well to remove debris and old makeup! However it doesn’t have antibacterial to kill off any germs, so it may be worth it to invest in a proper brush shampoo! Plus the elf one is just £3.75!

I also love using Body Shop Banana Shampoo as a second rinse when I wash my brushes because it leaves a yummy scent on them! Everytime I use a freshly washed brush the whiff gives me a little perk and smile! Nice excuse to wash them more often! Also by the way, this Banana Shampoo is my favourite hair product! It smells soooo good just heavenly!

Brush Shampoo

Brushes before elf Brush Shampoo

Brushes after elf Brush Shampoo

If you haven’t checked my out my Beauty Challenge Posts yet please do have a gander! So far I’ve completed a Sixties look, Vamp Lips and an Ombre look! To see them all please follow this link or click the Big Pink Button on the right Sidebar! :)

Thanks for reading guys! See you again Tomorrow for my next Challenge!

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