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If you’re heading to Debenhams to pick up some Christmas gifts any time this week, try to make an effort to pay the Illamasqua counter a visit! Whilst I was there I got distracted from my Christmas shopping and treated myself to this gorgeous box of Illamasqua goodies instead! :)

The Illamasqua Alter Ego Mystery Selection is exclusive to Debenhams and is packed with 6 full sized Illamasqua Products all for £38 (I got it for £28 as Debenhams were doing 25% off last week! Whooop!)

But the most exciting thing about this selection is that 4 of the 6 items are a mystery! Ooooooooh! Curiosity and excitement got the better of me and I once again splashed out on MORE beauty products that I could possibly ever use!  But having ripped into my box I can honestly say that it was money well spent! OR saved if I work out how each item would have cost individually… its £92 if you’re interested. Massive savings! Ha!

So here comes the grand reveal. I warn you if you are planning to nab one of these and want to retain an element of surprise then I recommend you stop reading NOW!  But if you’re not too bothered then FEAST your eyes on these bad boys!

Illamasqua Alter Ego Mystery Selection

Illamasqua Mystery Selection

Illamasqua Lipstick in Submit

Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Collide

Illamaqua Liquid Metal in Electrum

Illamasqua Eyeshadow in angst

Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Succubus

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Chased

I absolutely LOVE this selection! So gorgeous! The red and gold are just PERFECT for Christmas too, I can’t wait to start experimenting with some Christmas looks with these! The neon Pink Nail Varnish is just gobsmacking! So good I could die!

There are different variations of this box! I’ve seen that other bloggers have received different items than I have in mine. This is dangerous! I’m left wondering how many variations are there? Do I get them all to find out…? Oh dear.. and may alsoI add that there is an entirely different edition of the Mystery Selection featuring eye and nails products…?

I will be swatching and playing with some new looks with these soon so please come back to check them out! In the mean time if you have got this box I’d love to see what items you received so link me up guys!

If you fancy one you can still pick one up from Debenhams here.

Thanks for reading!

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