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Precious moments in life…

I’d like to apologise in advance as Today I have a bit of a soppy post to write…

Those who know me well,  know that soppy’ness (that apparently isn’t even a word…)  doesn’t usually fly well with me.

But as I came in from work today I walk into my room to a little surprise treat from my wee lil sister with a tear jerking message…. grrrr!

The little sweetness has bought me the most divine looking Chocolate Tower from Choccywoccydoodah! Piled up high with chocolatey goodness and marshmallows,  I don’t know what was watering more – my eyes or my mouth… okay slight exaggeration, obs I wasn’t crying as I’m made of stone!

choccy woccy doodah Chocolate Tower! Looks amazing!

Little Lea Lea also made this card… (although not especially for me as I’ve seen this card floating around her room for quite some time) and her sweet little message made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She tells me to let people look out for me, she doesn’t even realise she’s done a brilliant job of that already so far!

Sweet, tear jerking card from Lea Lea

So a little message from me to Lea Lea:

Thank you to my smelly not so little sister… when did you grow up?

On a serious note – I appreciate everything you’ve done for us as a family. You say I’m the strong one but you have no idea how weak I am in comparison to you and how you’ve dealt with this horrible situation that we’ve all been going through! I will always be thankful and super proud of you!

I know what you are doing right now feels like nothing will ever get better, but trust me it will and big things will happen for you! You know I’m always right… or at least I will try to make it right hehe!

Also, will you just STOP worrying about me please I’m OK! I have you!! At some point somehow you’ve managed to grow up without me even realising, I no longer have to baby you and it seems that our roles have somehow switched? As I’ve said I’m thankful I have a wee lil sis like you to be my brick! I hope you feel you can come to me too!

…and a little message from me to Sou Sou

I feel like crap when I’m only an hour away from home and mum so I can only imagine how you are feeling being miles away! I never said thank you for doing what you did and making mums wish come true, I can not say I’ve done the same. So thank you,  I know you have made mum very happy! :)

Goes without saying, I am also here for you should you need me… and you can also stop worrying about us. I hope you are looking after yourself out there away from us all!

Beautiful on her wedding day

My not so wee sister anymore…

Our Lovely Family

Now note this part, I don’t say it often and it may never happen again… but Love you both too…!

Now to finish with a small message to my readers… Sorry again for over soppiness, if it made you vomit a little bit please accept my sincere apologies…..

Thanks for reading guys!

4 thoughts on “Precious moments in life…

  1. awww babes, I’m exactlythe same way with my ‘not so little but in fact very tall’ baby sister. When she buys me a cupcake or a mug or even a teddybear when I’m going through a tough phase it really touches me deeply knowing I have someone in my corner no matter what

    • Aww thanks for reading and leaving a comment! It’s made me smile! I know what u mean, it’s good to know someone will always be there for u! :) xx

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