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GlamGlow Face Mask Review *

SO how long has it been since my last blog post? TOO LONG! I apologise for my absence lately, but there have been so many dramas in life lately. But hey ho I’ve managed to have some pamper time this weekend and I wanted to rave about this lovely face mask I received from a fabulous friend – Amy :)

“Let me start by saying GlamGlow mud mask is a tiny pot of miracle stuff!”

Since receiving mine, I’ve done some research into the brand and it seems that there are currently loads of hype on the product raving about the fab results. I have to be honest I was dubious at first of what this tiny, TINY pot of mud stuff could do! But the results speak for itself and I have to put my hands up and say that if I had forked out £50 on this lil pot of magic that it would have been well worth the money! :)

So what you do is simple, like any other face mask you apply to clean damp skin and wait for it to dry before washing it off.

GlamGlow suggests wetting the mask to soften and then gently rub to exfoliate the skin. This part was genius! The mask was a little gritty making it perfectly exfoliating and helped get rid of any dead skin on the surface.

Now, you have to work fast with the mask as it dries almost instantly as you smooth the divine smelling stuff to your face! Oh and don’t worry about that tingly sensation you get, that’s supposed to happen! It’s not a burning tingle either, just a little well… tingly lol! There’s no other word for it that I can think of haha!

So heres what it looks like…

Heres what it looks like once dried and during exfoliation…
And finally the results… !

Complexion after application *no make up applied.

So the VERDICT is..

My skin felt sooooo soft after washing the mask off! I didn’t even want to put my moisturiser on afterwards as I wanted to keep the squeaky, clean and super smooth feeling for as long as possible!

Apart from being soft to touch, I noticed an obvious calming of any redness around my nose and cheeks. My complexion was brighter and I think today I may even be able to get away with just concealer and not go the whole hog with foundation! YAY!

All in all I’m enjoying the benefits of this mask, and according to the site, the “GlamGlow” effect will last for 3 days! Sounds good to me!

I won’t preach to you on the ingredients and benefits, but if you fancy having a little read up before you buy you can find out more on the GlamGlow website here.

Also just a little heads up, GlamGlow has a try before you buy 7ml tube for £.4.99 if you want to test it out before you commit to the full size! You only need a tiny amount for one application and you should get at least two applications from this tube.

If you fancy going the whole hog then don’t forget to pick up a copy of Essentials Magazine for a 20% off discount! Find out more here.

Thanks for reading guys!

*Product received for review purposes

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