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Hi guys!

Sadly, after today it will be my last Artsy Wednesday post for a while. I’ve been super busy lately and I’ve been having trouble keeping up with doing a nail post every week.

This week’s AW theme is Wedding Nails! For me when it comes to weddings I think the simpler the better. I wanted to create a classic Mani but unfortunately my White has gone missing! Ironically the last time I saw it was when I was doing peoples nails at my sisters wedding a few weeks ago haha!
Anyway, I improvised with a some silver glitter instead and I think it looks quite nice. I also created a little ring of silver beads on the ring finger for a bit of interest! I hope you like it!

I would like to thank all the Artsy Wednesday Members for letting me be a part of this amazing group! It has been so much fun! I just wish I wasn’t so bogged down with work! I hardly have time to blog anything these days! :(
Anyway as usual, please check out these lovely ladies Artsy Wednesday Posts :)

Michelle – Lab Muffin:

Alanna – Pretty Purple Polish:

Maria – Maria’s Nail Art:


Lyndsey – Nails by Ms. Lizard:

Catrine – Unnaked Nails:

Melanie – Nail & Polish:

Jessica – Beauty Gnome:

Emily – An Accent Nail:

Ameerah – Valiantly Varnished:

One more time thank you ladies for all the fun themes and incredible nails! It’s been fab! I will continue to check out your AW posts for ‘nailspiration’ though so it won’t be the last you hear from unfortunately hehe!

Thanks for reading guys!


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