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Artsy Wednesday: Galaxy Nails

It’s Sunday afternoon, just hours before I need to go to work and I am just preparing my post for my Artsy Wednesday post Next week! Of course when you lovely lot see this it would actually be Wednesday! I just wanted to gloat for second that for once I am well ahead of schedule and am actually writing a post days ahead! It doesn’t happen very often! hehe.
Anyway, so this weeks AW theme is Galaxy nails. I’ve seen lots of photos and tutorial floating about in cyber space (excuse the pun) over recent months but I have never really paid much attention to them to be honest. Whilst I think they look cool, I haven’t really been inspired to try them. I guess its because I feel they’ve been done so many times that I’ve gotten bored of looking at them…?

But then after today, I want to say “Hats off” to those that can create this look soooo well! I’ve sat here for over an hour trying to replicate these nails and it appears that no matter how hard I try, no matter how careful I am with the sponging, my nails resembles nothing more than a blobby mess! Nothing mystical or galactic about my attempt unfortunately!

So here are my “Galaxy” blobby nails :D

I have no idea how everyone  manages to make their nails look so 3 dimensional! like an actual galaxy! O.o

Anyway, like I said I have a new found respect for Galaxy nails! I seriously considered opting out of this weeks AW but on second thoughts, I have spent way too many hours on these nails today to pack it in! lol!

Looking forward to seeing everyone elses attempt later! check out these lovely AW Ladies Galaxy nails here:

Michelle – Lab Muffin:

Alanna – Pretty Purple Polish:

Maria – Maria’s Nail Art:


Lyndsey – Nails by Ms. Lizard:

Catrine – Unnaked Nails:

Melanie – Nail & Polish:

Jessica – Beauty Gnome:

Emily – An Accent Nail:

Thanks for reading guys!

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