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Pixi Lip Blush in No.6 Luck Review

Hi guys,

Today I finally had some “me” time to spare and I chose to spend it wisely and review one of the products that I have received recently.

Lip stains seem to be all the craze right now and I was pleased to have received this lovely one from Pixi.

I’ve come across this brand in my local Boots store before but I hadn’t really paid much attention to it until now! I was not keen on the green packaging at first, but slowly I think its growing on me with its cute little Fairy-like details.

Anyway I received the Lip Blush in No. 6 Luck, and its meant to be a Mauve but I think it’s a sort of reddish brown colour that I wouldn’t normally pick up, as I find these sorts of colours ages me but I think it looks quite nice on for a change.

Anyhow I set off to try this lip stain and I expected it to be like the other lip stains I’ve tried which tend to drag on the lips as I apply. However I found it glided on perfectly, and the colour payoff was better than my Max Factor Lip Stain! The finish was smooth, stained berry lips, PLUS the formula didn’t feel drying and I didn’t even have to apply balm afterwards! Perfect! The Pixi Lip Blushes are available now for £12.50, which isn’t the most pocket friendly, but when you try it, it’s easy to see what you’re paying extra for :)

So, here is me sporting the Pixi Lip Stain, what do you guys think?

Of course, no Lip Stain should fail the simple “rub” test… well at least not a good one anyway! Glad to say this one passed! :D

So, I think the results are great and I may pop out later to go test out the other colours, I like the look of No.1  Youth which is a girly pink shade.  You can see the other colours on the Pixi site here if you fancy checking them out for yourself. Whilst I’m at it I may have a play around with the Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balms and the Magic Tint! These look so cute on the website! I need to see them for myself!

I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to try out this brand that I’d otherwise may not have thought about! So a little shout out to you lovely ladies at Halpern and thank you again :)

Thanks for reading guys!

5 thoughts on “Pixi Lip Blush in No.6 Luck Review

  1. Love this colour!!! Reallly suits you!!

    Cant wait to go to yours on weekends and steal your make up like old times again! wooooop 2 more weeks :D


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