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Artsy Wednesday: Independence Day Nails

I can’t believe its Wednesday and time for another Artsy Wednesday Nail Art post already! :)

This weeks theme is Independence Day so I decided to do a simple American Flag design! Sorry if this post seems a bit rushed but I’ve been crazy busy this week at work along with trying to sort out things for Cooking Papa (Bills new Chinese Takeout Business).

But there’s always time for nails! :D So here’s my design this week, hope you like them!

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So sorry for the lack of posts lately guys! I will have to do this giveaway that I’ve been planning to do soon I promise!

Thanks for reading guys!

10 thoughts on “Artsy Wednesday: Independence Day Nails

  1. Oh this is gorgeous – and I kept coming back and back to your blog seeing the post from last Wednesday – it wasn’t until Michelle told me where to find it LOL – I thought the newest would be on top – silly me :)

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