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My mini spa Manicure for healthy looking hands

Everyone knows I’m a big fan nail art and nail polish! All the harsh chemicals I put my hands through cant be good for them though!

So I try to take good care of my hands, because no matter how great the polish or nail art is, it is wasted on badly kept hands!

My routine is simple, just a slick of hand cream a few times throughout the day, maybe even some cuticle oil if my cuticles are extra dry.

But once in a while I like to go the whole hog and treat my hands to a little TLC!

I love Loccitane’s One Minute Hand Scrub to give my hands an instant make over! Super soft hands in just one minute! If people can just feel how soft they are afterwards then they will fall in love with this scrub too! It’s amazing!

So, anyway, I thought I’d share with you my at home mini spa manicure…

Items used

Loccitane One minute Hand Scrub

Loccitane Hand Cream, Candied Rose

e.l.f Nail Polish, Nude


I prepared my hands by giving them a quick wash with soap and then rinsed leaving my hands damp for the next step.


I take some hand scrub and apply to the back of my hand. You only need a small amount as a little goes a long way! I start exfoliating on the back of my hands with my finger tips, concentrating on the driest parts like the knuckles.

Straight away you will see that the scrub is very exfoliating with its large salt particles! So you need to be gentle and don’t over do it! Remember this is a “One minute” scrub!


Once my minute is up, I make sure that I rinse thoroughly! It takes a little time and effort due to the oils in the scrub! But it is also these oils that give my hands that super, healthy looking sheen too! I love it!

Hopefully you can see how hydrated and soft the hands look already! No more dry, flaky bits or dull looking hands! Just soft, supple skin!

So once my hands are dry, I slick on some Hand Cream to lock in the moisture! My favourite hand cream is also by Loccitane which I got from a Christmas set!

Once the hand cream has settled in you can leave your hands as they are, and just enjoy the super softness! Or if you like to have a little polish on your nails, then you can finish them off with some sheer, nude polish to give your hands that really subtle and healthy look! I tend to stay away from colours after this routine as I like to keep them looking natural and healthy! I used e.l.f Nail Polish in Nude on mine.

Finally the results…

So that’s it guys that my two pence for healthy looking hands! I hope you liked it!

Please look out for my next step by step tutorial  for polka dot nails this Wednesday! I did this as a guest post for a blogger I met through F.B.L which I will tell you all about in my next post!

Thanks for reading guys!

One thought on “My mini spa Manicure for healthy looking hands

  1. i’m terrible about not taking care of my hands. i might need to mention this to the hubby for my birthday next month. :)

    and you have such lovely hands that you should totally be hand modeling! (seriously, we aren’t all blessed to have long, elegant fingers. -says a person with ridiculously short, stubby fingers. ha ha!)

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