Cute iPhone case alert! Turn away if u cant handle cuteness…

Hi guys,

Just a weird post to show you my new wonderful iPhone case! I’m not usually one for “cutesy” things and in my best of moods I would love to rip off the head from all the Hello Kitties in this world… Sorry folks I cant stand her! :S

But this iPhone case caught my attention whilst I was in Hong Kong, and the truth is, despite the risk of being called a typical “Hongie(That’s a term coined to describe all the things I dislike about some of Hong Kong’s Fashion, lifestyle or just plain attitudes). I just thought it was… dare I say it? CUTE!

There I said it! It’s cute ok! Who can deny that!? lol! Yes call me Hongie… No actually please don’t!

It’s made from this ultra thin and soft silicone, which means I cant even hide behind a false pretense that this case is solely for protecting my iPhone.

Quite frankly this thing really does nothing apart from make me smile, and others laugh!

iPhone users will now be asking “How on earth would you lock the phone? That great, big, cats head is in the way, surely?” Ah ha! that’s the best part! Cute little Ki Ki’s head is now your lock button! Amazing right!?

Also, when u put my name and the cats name together it sounds like someones having a giggle fit : Ka Ka Ka Ki Ki Ki Ka Ka! …  the sad thing is I actually find this amusing…!

Ha ha sorry I told you it was a weird post! But thanks for reading guys!

Love u!

14 thoughts on “Cute iPhone case alert! Turn away if u cant handle cuteness…

  1. also did you make hongie up or will my friends in hong kong understand that one? i think i understand what it means… they love to teach me phrases from hong kong, so if ive learnt a new one they will be impressed!

    • Haha Hongie is quite widely used here in the BBC (British Born Chinese) community! I’m not sure that the “Hongies” will understand the term. Most Hongies are typically unaware that they are in fact a Hongie lol! At least none of my cousins do anyway haha!

  2. I actually can’t stand Hello Kitty either! Glad to see you found something cute that isn’t related to that Hello Kitty craze! :D

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