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Caviar or more like “100s & 1000s…”

I’ve wanted to try out Caviar Nails ever since I first  saw this lovely image  floating about the cyber world… It’s simply beautiful!

However the £18 price tag for the Ciate Caviar Manicure Kits was enough to put me off, so when I heard there was a cheaper DIY option I was kicking myself for not realising sooner!

I only wish I had done my research before rushing off to eBay with my credit card though! I done my nails and then realised that the micro beads I had bought were a lot bigger in size than the original Ciate version! It looked like I had dipped sticky fingers into a pot of hundreds and thousands! Far from the “Caviar” effect I was going for!

So here is my “Hundreds and Thousands” effect nails:

Nope… I’m not that impressed with them either lol! BUT I have now purchased smaller 0.7mm beads from eBay, and they should be with me in the next few days! Fingers crossed for attempt number 2! Watch this space!

What’s your verdict guys? Have you tried the Hundreds & Thousands look?

Thanks for reading guys!

13 thoughts on “Caviar or more like “100s & 1000s…”

  1. Thanks Megan! :)

    Well that’s the thing, the beads dropped off like dead flies by the end of day 2. I’m thinking that because the beads were larger, it was harder to stick down maybe? lol!

  2. Your blog is so appealing to me. I love your layout and your photos. I find myself wanting to be more then half asian looking at your blog cause you are so pretty! Anyway lol before I embarass myself, I think your nails look cute and you could pull them off. I have been wanting to try this myself. Great post !

  3. Yes I have. I agree that the price of the ciate caviar nails is too expensive! Did you know you can get a free ciate nail polish in marie claire magazine!

    • YEP! I got myself the Purple Ciate Polish haha! I love it so pretty! I need to do a Nail post! soo many posts lined up n never the time to do them lol!

  4. I think they still look cute, if not cuter than the Ciate ones! :) They look like Katy Perry’s Candyland nails. Google them, they’re the reason to why I got Ciate in the first place :)

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