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The Perfect solution to sort out a matted dog…

Since Bill and I are preparing to move into our new place, our current flat has been emptied of all things remotely fun, useful or just plain necessary! No TV, sofa, bed or internet! Thank god I’m only there once a week at the moment, other wise I may get bored to death.

However, I think boredom may have gotten to Bill and may be the catalyst for what he did to my poor Wally…

I walked in this morning to be greeted by what looked like a worm, only to realise that it was in fact my mutilated dog! Apparently the best solution to a bit of matted fur is to shave the whole lot off… yes don’t get me started!

Wally’s once long and silky, white fur has been hacked off with scissors, Bill did leave the fur around his head and face untouched though, which makes him look like he’s wearing a mask lol!

Now I have to admit, it did make me laugh when Wally ran/slithered down the stairs, he looked hilarious, but soon my heart went out to my poor Wally. How is he going to face the other dogs in the park? Surely the other cool dogs are going to pick on him for his new dorky haircut?

So I guess the lesson learned this week is simple. Do not leave your beloved puppy with a bored boyfriend, because this is what happens when u do…

My Wally before…

Poor dog, hopefully it wont be long before it grows out! Please leave a comment in the box below to show your support for Wally, I’m sure he’ll appreciate all your kind, comforting words…

Thanks for reading guys, now if you’ll excuse me, I have a sad puppy to tend to.

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