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Pretty in Pink Summer Nails

It appears that our lovely weather has come and gone in Wales! We had a whole week of sun – record-breaking! We’re back to the usual dreary, clouds and rain unfortunately for the Jubilee weekend!

I decided to reminisce the lovely weather by painting my nails in a summery theme! I did start of thinking I’d do some jubilee nails but there are already so many out there haha. I did do a Brit Theme nail art a while back for the Brit Awards if you guys want to check that out!

I’ve been rather lazy with my nails lately, as I’m trying to grow out the damage I’ve caused them through all the painting, stripping, file and buff! But here’s my latest nail design, there’s not really much to it, just a quick and simple, ring finger manicure using girly Pinks and Creams then topped off with a pretty sparkle.

My Summery Nails

Products used

Urban Outfitters Nail Polish in Matte Milk

Leighton Denny High Performance Nail Polish in BabyDoll

Kiko Nail Polish in Sparkle (Glitter Top Coat)

Silver Steel Balls from eBay

Anyone else missing the sunny weather? I hope the last week wasn’t the beginning and end of our summer! >.<

Thanks for reading guys!

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