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Happy Birthday! Welcome to KAKA’s Bakery! HA!

So it was Bills Birthday Monday, I didn’t manage to get him a gift that he would like, so decided to bake him a cake instead!

Now some may say that’s nothing, but those who know me, would know that I am not very apt in the kitchen, and simply boiling vegetables can be disastrous…

So thank god I had baking guru Jo (Little Cake House) there with me to help me through it all lol!

I also knew that Bill would have a hard time believing that I had created anything in the kitchen other than a great mess, so I of course documented the whole process in photos! HAH!

The Process

Mix mix mix, sift sift sift! This wasn’t too bad! Balling a melon part though was not fun!

and…. in goes the mix, 30 mins later two perfectly formed cakes rise before my eyes! Pleased I was indeed.

The next part was a nightmare! Spreading cream over the sponges was more than stressful! No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get it to go smooth! SO in came Jo to the rescue! Only for me to ruin her work when I dropped a piece of melon on to her work of art literally two seconds later!  >.<

Next the fun, decorating part!  I chose to pretty it up with strawberries, Melons and Kiwis.  Jo also taught me to put in a layer of strawberries and cream in between the sponge cake! Nice!

TA DAAAAA all done!

UH.. Yes I am proud of myself! Bill seemed pleased, although he did ask whether I made it myself! PFFT! thank god I have photos to prove it!

Happy Birthday to you…!

Here’s the Birthday Boy enjoying my hard work!

Alas I can now enjoy the rest of the party with a little BBQ food! Wells deserved I think! haha.

Lastly I just want to finish by saying a  massive thank you to my cousin Jo who was so kind to guide me through this stressful experience! She is a very talented girl! I can now appreciate even more the hard work she puts into her business and cakes! Seriously intricate work! She’s unbelievable!

She runs a little home-based cake shop if you guys want to check it out! She does the most amazing cupcake and celebration cakes! See her work at:

Again thanks for reading guys! sorry for the long post (again!)

Until next time!…

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Welcome to KAKA’s Bakery! HA!

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog the other day! I really appreciate it. Meanwhile, that cake! OH! I need such a cake in my life as soon as humanly possible! heh :]
    Thanks again,
    Zie :]

    • Ahh! You came to my blog! Thanks for visiting! Makes me SMILE! :D

      Thanks for leaving a comment too! Glad you liked my cake, all my blood, sweat and tears went into that (not literally- gross) :)

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