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Last week the sunny weekend was the perfect excuse for me to go shopping whilst soaking up the weather, and an even better excuse to dig up my “Hot Weather” clothes!

I also received my new tripod and camera remote on Saturday so I got those out to have a little play with. I had so much fun experimenting with the camera which inspired me to do this  “Weekend Look” post.

My look was simple and dressed down, I added a big tan satchel bag for detail and accessorized with some cute necklaces! It’s my first Outfit post guys so I hope you’ll like it!

Items featured include:

  • Black Vest Top –  George ASDA’s (I’m all about the bargain buys lol).
  • Khaki Shorts –  Urban Outfitters – also hand me downs from my Sister Lea Lea Ho.
  • Tan Satchel Bag – Another Bargain buy from Hong Kong Ladies Market.
  • Black Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet
  • Moustache necklace – eBay
  • 60’s inspired enamel triangle necklace – also from eBay

I have bought a load of jewellery from eBay, and they were all little bargains from £1-£3, I absolutely love eBay! I did a post on all my eBay jewellery which you can check out here.

Well that’s it from me today guys! I’m now working on my “Makeup of the day” post featuring my new and fave Bobbi Brown Moisturising Foundation! So I hope you’ll pop back to check it out! :)

Thanks for reading guys!


    • Thank you! It’s bargain buy from my trip to Hong Kong :) My post is updated now haha, I being a clumsy sod accidentally clicked publish instead of preview before it was ready DOH!

    • Lol! I know! I am well proud! TBH More so of the design than the actual outfit lol! check out my black n white photo! Notice the bag’s colour hasnt been changed! New photoshop skill! HA! who knew!

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