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Discovering Kérastase for long & damaged hair!

I have been growing my hair forever and although it’s relatively long now, I still have a long way to go before it reaches  my ideal length.

Also I am really bad at taking care of it. Just last month I had it coloured in Hong Kong and even though I like the colour, I have noticed the ends are starting to suffer a little.

Last week, I got some Kérastase products and I have to say they are incredible! My hair is looking so much better after just 2 uses!

So the three products I got include Kérastase Bain Apres-Soleil Shampoo, Kérastase Masque Age Recharge,  and Kerastase Nutritive Serum. I’ve only used them once or twice and already the results have been brill!

This is my hair before and after using the Shampoo and Nutritive Serum:

The before shot was taken before using Kérastase, and the after shows my hair after I’ve  used the Kérastase Shampoo and Nutritive Serum on the ends. I also didn’t straighten my hair with my GHD’s and just blow dried it with a brush and holding the hairdryer to blow down the hair-shaft to make it straight. I think these results after the first use is phenomenal!

The Kerastase Nutritive Serum is by far the best thing that’s happened to my hair in a long time!  You can see from the before shot that my ends were far from healthy, with lots of split ends and dry flaky bits it looked awful! The Serum is meant to work by coating the hair to temporarily seal the ends and protect from further damage! My hair feels super soft and all day I couldn’t stop touching or smelling my hair! It was just divine! :)

Anyway,  yesterday I used the Kérastase Masque Age Recharge and this one didn’t disappoint either. according to the description, this mask works to replenish vitality, renew hair strength and leave it soft, smooth and shiny. It has a bunch of other technical and ingredient benefits too which you can read up about here.

This is what the product looks like, it’s a light gel formula:

After I left it in for 10 minutes, I added a little water to “emulsify” the product before rinsing it out. This time I hadn’t used the Nutritive Serum before I dried my hair as I wanted to see the results of the hair mask when used on it’s own.

Overall I really liked the product, it smelt lovely and left my hair super soft and shiny plus really easy to manage afterwards, I didnt really have to straighten my hair either as my hair looked pretty smooth already. However I wanted to wear my hair slightly wavy yesterday so I curled the ends a little with an iron as you can see in my photo below.

So that’s my Kérastase experience so far. It’s definitely a product worth investing in! I will be continuing to use them, hopefully my hair will get to the length I want really soon and stop breaking!

Have you used this stuff before? Would like to hear your thoughts too! :)

Thanks for stopping by guys!

14 thoughts on “Discovering Kérastase for long & damaged hair!

  1. Wow your hair looks amazing! I’m using a Kerastase serum sample right now (from the Cristaliste line) and I’m liking it so far, but that serum looks even better. I wish it were less expensive cause I just can’t justify the cost…but I might change my mind! =p

    • Thanks Melanie! Yeah I agree, the price on them is mental! I think I’ll have to look for a cheaper alternative once these run out lol!

    • Yeh I know what you mean! They have such a massive selection! I would go for their treatment ranges, the serum has worked the best in my hair! :)

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