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A birthday Gift Dilemma

When I first launched KaKa, I had one vision in my mind, I wanted it to be about things  I “love.” Then it dawned on me that there isn’t one post on here about my BF Bill (who I’ve been with since the beginning of time!) Whoops :S

It’s his Birthday next week so I’ve been racking my brains for a kick’ass present, but he is one of these people who needs nothing and wants nothing. I bought him an iPad one year which he quickly returned, I’ve already bought him a few watches over the years, wallets, clothes, gadgets! EVERYTHING! But he insists he needed none of those things and that it was a waste of money. I’ve exhausted all my brain cells and I can’t think of anything! Please if you have any tips please help me! Other wise he’s getting nothing! I give up!

To be fair, he isn’t great with the gift thing either, which is why I have to hint so hard! For my first Birthday after we got together, he bought me… wait for it… a  sim card holder. Yes thrilling I know,  but back in the day it was way too early to show my true colours, so I went along and accepted the random device with smiles and grace whilst my heart just died on the inside.

But to give the guy some credit he’s learned to take  hints and occasionally “surprises” me. He did also make up for the crappy card holder with my 20 Christmas Presents in 2008, I’ve forgotten most of the items from that year, but my Ginger Giraffe – Ginge will always be a fave! Look how fat he is!

My other favourite Bill gifts include my Vera Wang Princess & Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfumes, but most loved of all is my Swarovski Fizz Ring, I literally mugged him for this one! haha!

We are like the least romantic couple on this planet. When they say romance dies after so many years, I think ours got killed the minute he presented me with my first gift! But one of these days I will get him the perfect gift which he will love, treasure and not return! If you have any ideas then please be my guest!  I would appreciate it!

Thanks for reading guys!

7 thoughts on “A birthday Gift Dilemma

  1. I often found birthday gift dilemma when I got invitation to join birthday. My best friend sometime gets boar helping me to find the perfect gifts. Anyways I come up here and really enjoyed reading this post. I like the gift ideas as well. Thanks

  2. What an adorable couple :) you sound like me and my fiance! I found you on BBN and wanted to stop by and say hello..

    • Aww thanks! We really aren’t adorable lol, more like cat and dog half the time haha! Thank you for checking out my blog! :)

  3. why not instead of getting him an item, pay to go on a trip or a day out or to somewhere he’s always wanted to go, then he’ll have a lovely memory.

  4. You could always get him a picture frame with a pic of you two in it with a poem that reminds you of him. Or something else that says you and him.

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    My boyfriend is exactly the same way…wants nothing and needs nothing! Shopping for him is always a challenge lol I’ve gotten him a bunch of stuff (wallet, money clip, etc) that just sits there unused. The only thing he has used is the ipod I got him haha. I’d suggest maybe taking him somewhere instead of giving an actual gift…like dinner and the movies, or some kind of trip or activity!

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