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Back to the 60’s with my Bouffant Side Pony!

Pinterest is fast becoming my favourite place to go to for hair and makeup inspiration, the other day I stumbled on to this cute “Bouffant Side Pony” and inspired I was indeed! So out came the credit card and three days later my New Denman backcombing brush arrived!

* Bouffant Side Pony – Photo taken from Pinterest

After a marathon of YouTube tutorials I whipped out the hairspray and my new brush and gave this 60’s trend a bash. I have to admit the back looks a bit pants with all the messy clips and loose strands, but my first backcombing experience was somewhat successful, now I just need to practice on hiding my clips a bit better lol.

So here is what my attempt looked like along with my Makeup and my accessories of the day photos :)

60’s Bouffant Side Pony

My partner in crime…

Makeup of the Day

Products used

No.7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream

MakeMania Liquid Eyeliner from a Store in Hong Kong

e.l.f Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Lily Lolo Mineral Shimmer in Stardust on the cheekbones to highlight

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Mauve Over


Cream Ruffle vest top from River Island

Grey/Beige Oversized Bag from Ladies Market in Hong Kong :)

Brass Moustache Pendant Necklace from eBay! Check out my other cute eBay jewellery finds here

So that’s it for now, I will keep practicing on the backcombing, I foresee that I will be sporting this look for quite sometime :)

Thanks for reading guys!

9 thoughts on “Back to the 60’s with my Bouffant Side Pony!

    • Aww thanks! It’s actually getting to that annoying stage where its poking me in the eyes! lol! only thing stopping me from cutting it is because it’s perfect for hiding really horrible eyebrows haha

  1. love the hair, makeup and bag! I also love that necklace, it’s too cute! I followed your blog to show my support, I really enjoy reading it :) keep it up!

    • Hiya thanks for stopping by :) My hair was an auburn/ brown shade, I think the filter on this photo gave it a purple tinge loll. Def go for a fringe if you can cope with the maintenance, it looks lovely but I was fed up of having to trim it every few weeks lol! :)

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