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Gone mad for Jewellery & Accessories

Last month what started off as a browse online turned into a full blown shopping spree, 3 hours later I’ve bought myself a whole new collection of  Junk Jewellery! :D But it was all guilt free with most of them being under £2, everything on this page totaled to just over £20! FAB!

As I purchased most of the stuff from the far East, it  took its merry time to get here, but they’ve all arrived now whoop whoop!

Check it out:

My new Junk Jewellery Collection – A mix from eBay and Topshop, Asos and Newlook

Multi-Chains and Black Stones Necklace from eBay £1.55

Bohemia Style, Multi Chains and Leaves Necklace from eBay £1.50

Gold Moustache Pendant Necklace from eBay £1.45

Black Triangle Pendant on gold chain from eBay 99p (Yes 99p!)

Vintage Style Gold and Black Choker Necklace from eBay £2.99

Cute Robot Chain from TopShop Sale £1

Black, White and Gold Aztec Necklace from Newlook sale £5

Triangle gem three finger ring from ASOS sale £6

My outfit Today – accessorising with my Bohemia/Leaves Necklace

Up Close

My fave piece at the moment is the aztec’y piece from Newlook, I wore it on a night out with a LBD last week and it polished off the outfit perfectly! :) Shame I didn’t get a chance to take a proper photo of it! Oh well… another perfect excuse to wear it again :)

Thanks for reading guys!

8 thoughts on “Gone mad for Jewellery & Accessories

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  3. I love all these pieces of jewelry, especially that green stone ring!

    I found you via beautylish article post and I followed by email!

    • Aw thanks so much for visiting my blog! I just checked out your blog, its all sorts of Awesome! I’ve followed you too :)

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