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My new sexy car! Whiiiit Whew!

Okay… The day has come. I have waited LONG enough,  over the years the pining had gotten worse to worse!

BUT now, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the proud owner of a beautiful Cream Mini Cooper! WHOOP WHOOOP! Just look how gorgeous she is!

Awww just look at her …

I’m not overly keen on the stripes on the back though? Keep them or get rid…hmmm?

The interior, Cream and Black.

Partial Cream Seats too :)

and to top it off a Limited Edition Cream, Jelly Belly car freshener so it looks both sweet and cute! ;)

Oh I’ve also named her Minnie, original I know… this also makes me Minnie Driver…no? not funny? hmmmm  …

Thanks for reading guys!

13 thoughts on “My new sexy car! Whiiiit Whew!

  1. So jealous! I’m going to have to replace my car soon and the Mini Cooper is on my list of “cars I’m lusting over”. She’s beautiful! Congrats :)

    • Thanks :) Yeah love the seats! I forgot to take a pic of the lights as well because they change colour, from blue to purple lol! I’m so sad! :D

  2. What a cute car! and purse! I just got my new hyundai accent a few months ago because I spent years breaking down like twice a month! Haha yay for new cars!


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