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Sleek True Colour Matte Lipstick Swatch. Perfect shade to brighten up any outfit :)

Aside from being a nail junkie, I am a big sucker when it comes to lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balms or any lip related products really! So whilst I was on a mission to find my mother the perfect lip colour for mothers day I couldn’t help but pick myself up a new lippie on the way!

I came across the True Colour Lipstick by Sleek Makeup, I was drawn to the cute little packaging at first, its a very compact and chic looking case with a velvety finish. I think there were around about 20 colours in a mix of Shine and Matte finishes. I picked up the Matte finish one in 782 Papaya Punch because I’ve been looking for a bold lipstick that is both bright but wearable at the same time. This one is bright tangerine red but it also has a pinky tone which makes it very flattering on most skin tones.

So, I’m going to rate the lipstick from 1-10 on Packaging, Pigmentation, Application and Overall finish, so here goes….


As I mentioned above already I  love the packaging, and was immediately drawn to its sleek casing. I love that its so small and compact plus it feels silky smooth and the tiny detail of the branding on the case is super cute.  The colour of the lipstick is written clearly on the bottom and it tells you aswell whether its a shine or matte finish.. Perfect!  I definitely give the packaging 10/10.


I am really impressed by the colour give off of this lipstick I guess thats why they’ve called it True Colour?  :) The colour comes off exactly like it is in the tube as you can hopefully see in the photos below. The colour is highly pigmented and comes off pretty bright in just one coat :)I would give it 10/10 on pigmentation and colour pay off!


Although the colour is lovely, I did have a battle with it when it came down  to applying, because it’s a matte finish it tended to drag on the lips a little bit, making it quite difficult to get a good finish. Its nothing majorly off putting and I’m sure you wont have this issue with the shine finish ones,  but I would arm yourself with some tissues and use lip liner to ensure you don’t go outside lines with the mattes!  I would give the ease of application a 7/10.

Overall Finish

Overall I really like this lippy, the colour is fab and there are plenty more colours available which i’ll go on to try later! The finish is good, but I would definitely recommend that you exfoliate the lips before applying lipstick, especially if its a matte finish one. My Lips were actually quite dry and although this lipstick did feel quite moisturising it did also pick up on some of the dry bits… which isn’t attractive O_0 but I guess thats my fault for not prepping my lips beforehand. Only thing that did let it down was that it was quite hard to apply without it dragging the lips and going everywhere so overall I would rate the Sleek Makeup True Colour Lipstick an 8/10! Quite good for a lippie that costs just £4! Bargain! :)

Have you tried the Sleek makeup range? Do you think its a bargain for its quality? or cheap for a reason? What are your thoughts, I would love to hear your comments! :)

Thanks for reading ;)

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