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Happy Birthday GLAMOUR!

I am back from my Paris Trip and it feels like I have been away for centuries! No internet, no Mobiles, I feel completely disconnected. I just didn’t realise how attached I have become to these little modern-day technologies and devices. I have been itching to tweet, update my status and tell the world what I have been seeing and doing all week, only to get back to the UK and find that my poxy  internet provider has technical problems and loading a page was like watching paint dry!

This morning it seems to be working ok, so I seized the moment before it comes to a halt again, to write my first post in a week.

I feel like I should be writing about my trip but something else caught my eye last night that I just wanted to scream about! I am probably one of the last ones to know about this but…

OMG  Krispy Kreme has launched the ULTIMATE doughnut to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the UK’s most popular women’s glossy magazine ‘GLAMOUR’.

Those who know about my crazy obsession with Krispy Kremes would understand how excited I am about this collaboration! combining Beauty and Fashion with my favourite tasty treat! it’s a dream come true..well almost!

These exclusive Glamour Glazed editions are based on the signature original glazed doughnuts. Choose from two fruity-licious flavours of strawberry or blackcurrant, both finished with a glittery and sparkling glaze in shades of hot pink and purple so that they look like shiny lip gloss! Genius!

Available in all Krispy Kreme UK stores and in store cabinets for a limited time only. GLAMOUR Glaze is the perfect accessory to satisfy all tastes and styles.

Also if you are a GLAMOUR reader you will be entitled to the buy one get one free offer! I am wondering if I buy a box would that mean I get a box free? Anyhow just go to the Glamour website for details.
Now if only that new Krispy Kreme Store in Cardiff would hurry up and launch already! Apparently they were in Cardiff yesterday handing out freebie boxes of doughnuts, which I missed…Great!
Anyway, I shall be heading to my nearest store in  Bristol Cabot Circus shopping Centre armed with my Glamour coupon to feed both my addictions of shopping and Krispy Kremes… I only have to cross a bridge and travel 45 minutes, but its totally worth the hassle… ^^

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