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Hi guys,

I decided late last night out of boredom to colour my hair. I’ve had this box of Schwarzkopf hair dye since my trip to Hong Kong early this year and I’ve been meaning to try it out for a while.

I got the Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Dye in Clear Ash because I am really getting so annoyed with this gross, orange tone in my hair. I mean it’s not even a tinge of orange, it’s full blown, ‘bleach gone wrong’ brassy orange!

The bad condition of my hair is my own fault for dying and bleaching my hair so much. Especially after last year where I turned my dark, dark hair into a mane of crazy red! If you fancy seeing my Red Hair check it out HERE.

I admit the red was really fun while it lasted, but ever since, I’ve been having a nightmare trying to tone down the red undertones left on my hair.  Even after using a super dark hair dye the red would always keep peeping through. After a few washes and weeks go by, this orange grimness takes over and I’m left looking as bright as the tango man.

Anyhow, so I decided on the Clear Ash Shade to try and neutralise some of the red tones and bring it back down a notch. I got this from Watsons in Hong Kong but you can find it on for £10 HERE.

Here are my thoughts on Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Dye in Clear Ash…


Schwarzkopf Fresh Light is a DIY hair colour kit. I hoped it would work better for me than what I’m used to here, since it’s made in Japan I assume that they would target Asian Hair a lot better than UK hair dyes.

I couldn’t read the Japanese on the box and the YESSTYLE site doesn’t say too much either, other than this dye is easy to use and non drying.

There are a good range of shades to choose from, but as I said, I went for Ash to help tone down the red/orange tones in my hair.


 Inside the box you have the usual home dye kit including:

  • Tube of color cream 40ml
  • Bottle of developer emulsion 80ml
  • Bottle of after-color treatment 20ml
  • Nozzle comb
  • Protective gloves
  • Instruction leaflet

The box itself had a push out hole in which you can use to hold the bottle of hair dye as you work the dye through your hair. I thought this was useful for keeping your work station mess free.  Although I still managed to make a huge mess anyway.

The instructions itself was  in Arabic…? Yes Arabic, not even Japanese!  So that was no help to me whatsoever. Luckily, I’ve dyed my hair enough times to know the general gist of it all and managed cope ok lol.


To use it was simple, simply empty the colour cream into the developer put the lid back on and shake to mix. You then swap over the lid to the nozzle comb and start applying.

The nozzle comb have tiny holes for the hair dye to come out of as you squeeze and comb through the hair. I found this method a bit fussy, despite it being designed for ease of use. I think it’s because the solution was quite runny, so after a blob of dye landed on my carpet I decided to give the nozzle a miss and worked the solution through the hair with my hands instead. I did however use the nozzle afterwards to comb through my hair to make sure I’ve not missed any bits.

I have super long and thick hair and I was worried that one box wouldn’t be enough. I managed ok with 80ml of solution but I think I probably could have done with having an extra bottle.

Judging from the diagram, it recommends leaving it on for 30minutes but I left it on for 45 so that it’ll come out darker.  I rinsed the solution out and used the treatment conditioner on the hair after my normal shampoo.


The solution was easy to prepare and the smell was not unpleasant, in fact I hardly noticed it at all. I also didn’t get that horrible stinging of the eyes when you get to work on the front pieces of hair (or is that just me that experiences this ..?) 

The solution was really easy to wash out too, I was impressed by how little time it took for the water to run clear.

However it lost two points because the formula was a little too runny and I had to be extra careful not to let it drip everywhere. The other point was lost on the design of the bottle, it was ok when the it was full, but as soon as it was past the half way mark it took quite a bit of doing and effort to get to the product.


I am pleased with the finish, and think it did manage to do what I needed it to do, which is was to tone down all that orange.  The colour itself is subtle and I think I wouldn’t have got these results if I had not previously pre-lightened my hair. However on my bleached to death hair the colour came out nicely. It still has a slight, warm red undertone but a LOT less brassy. I think the fact that the colour was subtle helped because it managed to maintain my ombre effect. (For my Ombre hair post, read HERE.)

The condition of my hair or at least the appearance of my hair has drastically improved. My hair was looking very dry and this hair dye seems to have disguised my dead ends and brittle hair very well. My hair looks a lot glossier and feels softer too.


I liked the product and the results I got, next time I should try it with two boxes to see if I get a better colour payoff. I actually have another box of this dye in Champagne Pink which I will give a go in a few weeks time, depends on how long it takes for the orange to come back.

It’s a bit expensive for £10 but I think I may have to resort back to it since I really like way it’s managed to tone down the red but not mask it with a dark, solid colour. I was worried that my hair would look flat and dull with a one tone colour, but I was pleased to see it didn’t mask over my ombre and has given it quite an interesting effect.

What do you think guys? Massive improvement on the orange hair right? lol.

Have you tried this dye? What are your thoughts?


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Thanks sooooo much guys! xx


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11 thoughts on “SCHWARZKOPF FRESH LIGHT CLEAR ASH HAIR DYE [REVIEW]: Toning down red tones.

  1. Did you apply the dye on your whole hair? How long did you leave it in as well? I have the same ombre going on my hair right now and am having the same issue! I want to get rid of this orangutan orange and warm it up!!

    • Hi Sarah,

      I applied the solution all over, but worked on the ends first and did my roots and mid sections last. That way my ombre still shows through. The solution was left on my hair in total for around 45 minutes. Hope this helps :)

      • Hi KAKA,

        Thank you for your reply but I’m a little confused. When you said you applied the solution on your ends first, you are referring to your ombre part, right? If so, that would mean it was left on longer than the top and mid-section of your hair, so would the ombre come out darker versus if you would have started from the top? Also, for your DIY ombre, how did you avoid creating the “harsh ombre line” because yours look very well blended and faded :)

        Thanks! <3

  2. I love it! Is this ash color the best of the freshlight colors to tone down red hair?
    I have reddish-copper dyed hair at the moment and cant get rid of it no matter what I do or what dye I use :/ I have kind of the same color you have at the top/middle of your hair at the before picture. Also is it used on dry or washed hair? Hope you can help me out, I just found these colors :)
    – Johanna

    • Hi Johanna,

      Sorry for late reply, I’ve had a manic few months relocating to a different country. Anyway, to answer your questions yes I use this dye on dry hair. I personally really like this dye by fresh light because its easy to use and it really helps to tone down the red/coppery tones, however you can go for any ash hair colour and it would do the same :)

  3. Hi!

    I don’t know whether you mentioned it and I skimmed past it but I was just wondering if the product was a permanent hair dye/semi permanent hair dye or a toner? Just because I’m interested in trying it but I don’t want I permanently dye it :)

  4. Omg your hair looks like a Guy Tang balayage ombre <3!! But how long did the dye last? I've bought a box of Freshlight (Japanese version, not Schwarzkopf's) in Mirror Ash, and I'm saving it for the New Year. I ombre-d my hair at home, too, and it came out blonde but brassy :( I live in HK but I haven't seen this dye at Watsons, Sasa, etc. Where did you get it? I'm planning to get another one for after the Mirror Ash one fades :)

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